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Calendar App Fantastical Adds New Features But Moves to Subscription Model

Feb 7, 2020

There might be several different calendar apps out there for both iOS and Mac, but one of the most popular you’ve probably heard of is called Fantastical. This app just released an update and within this update is a ton of new features. The update is being released for all Apple devices across all Apple platforms, including for the iPad, iPhone, and Mac. We’ve got all of the details about the latest Fantastical update and all of the features it will bring.

Calendar App Fantastical Adds Many New Features in Major Update

We first wanted to talk about the new features that have been added to Fantastical in this major update. It’s been a long time since there has been any update to Fantastical and this new update will first bring feature parity. Previous to this update, all of the different versions of Fantastical contained different features. That included different features in the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac versions of the app. Now, you will have all of the same features across any and all versions of Fantastical, which we’re very happy about.

The apps were rewritten completely for this update and there’s a ton of cool features that you will undoubtedly use. One new feature you will find is the time meeting proposal option. Even if the people you are trying to get together with don’t use this app, you can propose times for your meetings with those people.

What also is new in this app update is that there’s support for both Google Tasks and Todoist. If you use any of those services for your to-do-list notes, it will all now show within the Fantastical app itself. You’ll also notice that all of your calendar sets in all of your locations will show up on all platforms. Previous to this update, this feature was only found on the Mac version of the app.

As you likely know, calendar apps are great because they can increase your productivity. Calendars are very useful when it comes to your work life. Whether you use calendar apps for social reasons or business reasons, it’s going to be helpful. We have found that calendar apps will keep you more organized. Fantastical is aiming to help improve your productivity overall and also is trying to keep you focused on everything going on in your life. The additional features we will talk about below are also going to help you stay organized. These additional features are also going to give you more ways to schedule events.

Other New Features Found in Fantastical & Details on New Subscription Model

There are many other features added into this major Fantastical app update, although most of the features are fairly minor overall. You will see the weather forecast right there within your calendar. The app also now supports dark mode and also Zoom integration. You will also find that your in-meeting invites are right there in the app too. Lastly, the app has added something called “Interesting Calendars” and we really like this feature. Interesting Calendars allows you to add calendars based on certain events. This could be anything from television shows to sporting events to holidays.

As for the new subscription model that Fantastical is rolling out with this update, it’s something you may find to be decent. It does really depend on which device you use and how often you use the app. You can get Fantastical on your Apple Watch, iPad, Mac, and iPhone device for one low price. You will be paying just one price with the new Fantastical Premium subscription model.

This subscription will cost $4.99 each month or you can pay $39.99 per year. You might remember that previously, you had to purchase the apps individually based on the device and platform you use. Instead of different prices based on the device you used, now it’s all just one price for all of the apps.

Breaking the subscription model down some, it actually is more expensive if you’re using Fantastical on your iPhone or iPad. This new Fantastical Premium subscription means you’re paying eight times than what the previous one-time purchase price was if you’re on the iPhone. If you use this app on your iPad, then you are paying four times that previous one-time purchase amount.

The only savings with this model is for the Mac, which was $10 higher when it was just a one-time purchase price. So while you might think you’re saving money with this new subscription model, you probably are paying a lot more but it just doesn’t seem as bad given how high those one-time purchase prices were.

Have You Used the Calendar App Fantastical in the Past?

There is a free version of Fantastical that you can download if you’re a new user, but it doesn’t give you any features at all really. The free version limits you to just adding simple events to the calendar. You also will only be able to view your calendar on a weekly or monthly view.

Fantastical has released the new update for everyone across all devices, so you can check it out now if you want. The subscription version will require that you make a Flexibits account first. You will get a 14-day free trial of the premium subscription though if you do make a Flexibits account.

In the comments, we want to know what app you use for your calendar needs? Do you think that third-party calendar apps are all going to disappear at some point? Many of the third-party calendar apps were shut down years ago, so Fantastical is one of the only really good ones remaining.

Are you someone that has previously used Fantastical? Does the new subscription model make you more or less likely to use Fantastical as your main calendar app? If you have tried out the new features, leave us a comment below and tell us what you thought about all of the additional features.