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Canon EOS 1300D Camera Review

May 6, 2016

Canon EOS 1300D Camera Review: Two years ago, when the Canon’s EOS 1200D was launched it was the talk of the town and mostly due to the company’s aggressive marketing campaigns it continues to be quite popular with first-timers. Today we are going to give the review about its successor i.e. the EOS 1300D, in India it was launched recently for roughly about the same price as the outgoing model.Canon EOS 1300D vs 1200D

Canon EOS 1300D Camera Review

The latest EOS 1300D comes with the Wi-Fi and NFC capabilities and with some minor changes in order to make it more modern and more enticing for the first buyers.Canon EOS 1300D Review


Canon has not strayed too from the current formula and the new EOS 1300D looks virtually identical with its siblings. The body is built entirely of plastic with the matte texture which is quite good for the grip and is somewhat resistant to the scratches. There is also the rubber padding  where your thumb and fingers would go and it makes it quite easy to shoot with one hand also. Finish and fit are fairly good, although the quality of the plastic do suggest that the device was made by keeping   tight budget in the mind.Canon EOS 1300D Ports

The EOS 1300D body is a bit lighter at just 440g and with a bit more compact than the EOS 1200D and this is the only noticeable thing when you compare them side by side. On the left side, the 1300D has input for the wired remote, a Mini-HDMI port and a Mini-USB port. At the right of the LCD, all the buttons are placed and it also includes shortcuts for ISO, autofocus, drive mode and white balance. These double up as the navigation buttons for the menu system. Just near the optical viewfinder there is a dedicated button for switching to live view. Canon has also added the Wi-Fi signal LED that flashes when the camera is connected to the smartphone.

Canon EOS 1300D Ports

On the top, there is a microphone that pop-up flash along with the standard hotshoe that is mount for an external flash and PSAM mode dial. The dial also has a rough texture on the side that makes it easy to switch the modes even with the greasy or wet fingers. Just in front of the shutter release button there is a rotary dial for cycling between pictures, settings and more. As all the buttons are in the comfortable positions so that makes it easy to change the settings while shooting. The optical viewfinder will give you the readings for the ISO, shutter seed, aperture and exposure, all of them are legible in the sunlight.Canon EOS 1300D Lens

You will get a 3-inch TFT display and the resolution of that has been nearly doubled to around 920K dots as compared to the one that is on the EOS 1200D. due to this the preview images looks quite sharper so that you can get a better sense of the final output.Canon EOS 1300D Display


  • It has 18-megapixel APS-C sensor
  • It has a native ISO range of 100-6400
  • It is capable of 3fps burst shooting
  • It can shoot in RAW, JPEG and JPEG+RAW modes
  • The new edition of Wi-Fi connectivityCanon EOS 1300D Buttons


In our ISO tests, the EOS 1300D was held up well till ISO 800 with the punchy colours and sharp details.

  • The camera does a decent job.
  • The colour reproduction is good
  • The Landscape shots don’t exhibit any noticeable barrel diatortion
  • The burst mode is pretty pointless
  • It can record video up to 1080p at 30fps
  • For most lightning conditions the video quality is also good
  • The night shots can be controlled by limiting the ISO to lower the valueCanon EOS 1300D Captured Img 2 Canon EOS 1300D Captured Img 3 Canon EOS 1300D Captured Img 1


The Canon EOS can be found online at around Rs. 26,000. As far as the successors go the only notable improvements are the higher resolution display and the addition of the Wi-Fi.


  • Decent construction quality
  • 16GB card bundled
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, NFC
  • High resolution display


  • Noisy images at ISO 1600 and beyond
  • A bit expensive compared to the competition
  • Burst mode not effective
  • Average all-round performance

Ratings (Out of 5)

  • Image quality: 3
  • Build: 3.5
  • Video quality: 3
  • Value for money: 3
  • Performance: 3
  • Overall: 3