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Captain America: Civil War Is Disappointingly Cliched

May 9, 2016

Captain America: Civil War Is Disappointingly Cliched: In the world today, there is no doubt that the Marvel has the biggest cinematic universe. Since Iron Man, everything that Marvel has thrown at the big screen has struck gold and the reviews have been very largely positive. It has reached at a point where Marvel can make the movies on the obscure of the characters i.e. the C liters in its comic roaster like Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant-Man and still it has the audience that are flocking to the cinemas. It is not going to be the different for its latest offering the Captain America: Civil War.Captain America

Captain America: Civil War Is Disappointingly Cliched

Before we get into that what is wrong with the movie then you should take a look at the Civil War guide just to familiarize yourself with the significance of the Marvel’s Civil War event. Marvel’s Civil War was a big deal in the world of comic books. The comic event has its root in the real world problem of the collateral damage and it is something that could take place when the great power lies in the hands of the people who cannot control it. It is a story all about the great loss of human life, large-scale destructions and the battles that would follow between the super-powered beings and humanity alike.

That event was the collision of the unstoppable forces with the immovable ideologies that had got the humanity divided as well and hence the name is Civil War and once it is over it will change the Marvel universe forever.

The biggest challenge that the MCU faced with the subject like the Civil War is that it was lacked the two major aspects of the event i.e. a cause that the audience can care about and the volume of the characters. And that is where the problem starts in the movie. The film will change the basis on which the Civil War begins and will turn it into an issue that is frankly does not even seem like that big dilemma.

Captain America’s reasoning was to not sign the agreement because it is unconvincing to the point where many of his friends will do not see eye-to-eye with him on subject. He seems little stupid and arrogant when he refuse to sign up and he is supposed to be the protagonist you are rooting for. In the Avengers the result is a rift, leading to the difference of opinion between the handful of the super- powered beings who belong to same club, you will call it a lot of things but you certainly cannot call it a civil war.Captain America Civil War

A civil war would divide the general public opinion, so create a rift in the population and the result will be in sacrifices from both the sides. In this movie, general public seems to have no particular opinion towards matter and the main characters seem a bit too relaxed about it.

The overall tongue in the cheek dialogues and the forced one-liners that will come from each of the heroes not only to make them all feel too similar but it also means that this will do not look like the serious issue to begin with. Marvel’s insistence on keeping the things light and frothy reduces the clash of superheroes into the towel fight between the friends.

Alright, we will simplify the things a bit here. But by seeing the kind of the action that the Russo brothers pulled off in the Captain America: the Winter Soldier, the overlay computer generated action sequences to come across as a series of the pratfalls.

Black Panther joins the MCU’s superhero roster in the Civil War, and will works well in the scheme of the things, though the character were written very one dimensionally for movie. The another thing to enjoy about the movie is the Spider-Man.

Holland’s innocent portrayal of the Peter Parker adds the level of the endearment that we have never saw in the Andrew Garfield. Civil War may not use the Spider-Man the way he was used in the storyline comics, but it was good to see him on the screen, despite the feeling that he was shoehorned in as the afterthought.

So, you should watch this? Considering that you will have to for the sake of the continuity, it is not the exactly a compelling a question. The Fans of the MCU will love this movie, as it will follow the typical Marvel template. In fact, this one leans more towards the Disney than the Marvel. The problem is that the Marvel used the Civil War as the brand name and then slapped it on the movie that does not match responsibility or scale of the comic event of the same name.