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Dr. Mario World Passes 2 Million Downloads in First 3 Days

Dr. Mario World has passed 2 million downloads on mobile in just three days. This game was just released to both iOS and Android...

Microsoft Word Passes 1 Billion Downloads on Android

Some really great news coming from Microsoft this week as it was announced Word for Android passed 1 billion downloads and installs. This is...

Silence Unknown Callers Feature in iOS 13 Helps You Ignore Robocalls

A great new feature can be found in iOS 13 called Silence Unknown Callers. We have told you already about some of the cool...

TestFlight iOS App Beta Update Includes Dark Mode

There is a new beta version of the TestFlight app for iOS available that many people might be excited to try out. One of...

Earth Defense Force 5 Just Released on Steam

If you have a Steam account, you might be interested in a new game that has been released this week on the PC gaming...