Saturday, October 20, 2018


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Steam Client Update Adds Streaming to Multiple Devices

We have great news for you this weekend as there is a new Steam client update rolling out right now. There are several changes...

Google Maps on Android Auto Gets New Update

We have great news for you if you have Android Auto and use Google Maps. There is a new update rolling out right now...

Cortana Version 3 for iOS & Android Adds More Conversational Experiences

Cortana version 3 is going to be released to iOS and Android very soon. Good news is that the beta testers right now get...

GPlayed Android Malware Disguises Itself as Google Play Store

We have a warning for you about new malware found on Android called GPlayed. This particular malware disguises itself as the Google Play Store,...

Pokémon GO AR+ Mode Comes to Android

If you love playing realistic games on your Android device, you might love the new Pokémon GO AR+ mode that has come to Android....