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CEO of Google meet with EU anti-trust chief

Feb 28, 2016

CEO of Google meet with EU anti-trust chief: The chief executive of the giant tech company Google met the top anti trust trust official of the European Union named Margrethe Vestager. The major aim of the chiek executive, Sundar Pichai is to narrow out all the differences regarding the landmark competition of the company.CEO of Google

CEO of Google meet with EU anti-trust chief

The 43 years old tries to improve the attitudes regarding the Company in the European countries. The government is pestering the company to take a more serious steps regarding the dominance of the Google search engine.

The meeting that the spokesperson declared to have taken place was just stated but any details regarding the meeting were kept confidential and were not revealed publicly. The discussions which took place were also confidential. The giant tech company Google has been investigated as well as surveyed for several years by the European countries regarding the monopolistic practices regarding the Google search engine. But a solution to this monopolistic thing has not been found.

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Goggle also pays a very low amount of taxes which it has managed through several cross border arrangements. Thus the company is under investigation and fire by the European countries. This was officially the first meeting between the Chief executive of Google and the official Vestager. Another meeting which took place with the chair person of the company, was held in the month of March last year.

There have been several offers by Google which were offered much amicably but they were always rejected. The online shopping services of the giant tech company were also highly condemned and with regard to there a huge list of all related objections were framed and sent to Google. This even occursd last year.

The countries even claimed that certain companies were also getting affected by such a thing. For instance traffic was diverted from companies like Kelkoo and were in favour of Google which helped them increase their sales and growth.

To this, Google said that the evacuations were wrong and flawed and responded in a totally different manner. If an anti trust rules are seen to be broken then the company will have to pay billions to the needful.