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₹501 ChampOne C1 smartphone could likely be a scam!

Aug 29, 2016

₹501 ChampOne C1 smartphone seems could likely be a scam!: The ₹501 ChampOne C1 smartphone stinks of ‘hoaxy’ smell right from the beginning and while the price tag will appeal to millions in India, the first thing that a consumer should ask is whether it is practically possible to build a smartphone for this price?

India can be pegged as one of the most price-sensitive markets in the world when it comes to electronics and while we have been accustomed to buying those knock-off Chinese goods for over a decade now, new offers of low-cost smartphones dazzle us. We are a bunch of ‘look down and follow’ sheep who do not waste a second when it comes to jumping the bandwagon for such ridiculous offers.

Remember Freedom 251? Remember Docoss X1 priced at ₹888? And what about the ₹91 Namotel? Who in their right mind will even think about these being a reality. ChampOne C1 is just another member in this family of ridiculously low priced smartphones.

Like all other companies, ChampOne has also dangled the “Register to get a chance to buy the smartphone” carrot on its site – which is a disaster in its own accord – with the functionality not even active. There are quite a few reasons we believe that the ChampOne C1 smartphone for ₹501 will be yet another unfulfilled promise.

First and foremost is the cost the components to build the smartphone. If you head over to their site, there is a list of specifications for the alleged smartphone to be launched soon. 16GB Storage, 2GB RAM, 4G connectivity, quick charging capabilities, 5-inch IPS display are just some of the features that the smartphone claims to have. The BOM (bill of materials) itself exceeds the ₹501.

Then there is the assembly cost. Labour and equipment for assembly line cost money and according to industry experts, the minimum cost of assembly of the most low-end smartphone is upwards of ₹2,000. So, the question is how can ChampOne deliver a phone for just ₹501?

Next is the distribution chain. If we for just a second consider that ChampOne has managed to find a magic wand that produces hundreds of thousands of smartphones for ***FREE***, do you think that distributors, dealers and retailers will sell the smartphone without their commission?

Let’s consider that ChampOne is going to bypass the distribution route all together and will take responsibility of selling the smartphone directly to customers. Then what about delivery costs? Is it going to set up its whole delivery network? Even Amazon and Flipkart charge for delivery of goods below a certain price and this effectively means that ChampOne’s promise is a dud.

When a company makes a huge bang at the national level with such claims, one would expects its PR team to be strong with marketing standards of utmost quality. That’s not the case with the company’s site as it is full of typos and grammatical errors and this doesn’t help at all to lend credibility to its claims.

Let us know in the comments section what you think about the ₹501 ChampOne C1 smartphone?