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Chase Mobile Pay Comes to Android

Nov 22, 2016

Good news for people that bank with Chase Bank since the new Mobile Pay app just hit Android and is now available on Google Play. This comes as excellent news heading into the Christmas shopping season as Chase was one of the only holdouts bringing mobile pay options to Android.

Android Chase Mobile Pay App Now Available

Chase has been late to the Android market; with the company only giving out the access to Android pay just a couple months ago. Chase has been holding off Android Pay support because the company has been working on its own mobile solution called Chase Pay. Chase always said that Chase Pay would be out before the end of 2016, so it seems that this was a long time coming and right on schedule. Chase Pay has been something Android users have been clamoring for now for a long time, and it is something that many thought would not ever happen.

Chase Pay was officially launched this morning on the Google Play Store, and the biggest feature of this of course is to pay for your goods with your smartphone. There is a little bit of a concern when it comes to the app though because everything is linked to your existing Chase bank account. Once you download the Android app and login, all of your credit cards and bank cards are right there already linked into your account. This means that you cannot decide which cards you want to link to Chase Pay, and all of your personal information is right there on your smartphone already waiting for you. You will instantly see all of your cards, which is good if you like the fact you will never have to link a card to the app.


Another feature available is that you will be able to see your available credits and balance, as well as your transaction history for the past 90 days. This is not that big of a shock though since logging in via the Chase Pay app is not much different than the Chase app or website. It is good though since you will be able to do and see everything right from your smartphone and you can just use the Chase Pay mobile app as opposed to using the regular Chase app plus Chase Pay. If you are concerned about having all of your cards linked automatically to Chase Pay, then you can always set various password protections on your smartphone, although if your phone is lost or stolen it still could be a problem.

Chase Pay is already accepted at many different stores across the United States including at over 7,000 Starbucks stores and 1,400 Best Buy locations. There are a lot of other stores that will be accepting Chase Pay in the very near future including Conoco, 76, Shell, Walmart, and even Fresh Grocer.

It is not yet stated yet when these stores and other stores will make Chase Pay an available form of payment, so do not expect anything before the beginning of the year. Some places like Walmart might be more interested in getting the integration sooner than later since the Christmas shopping season is officially here. There will be updates on other stores likely sometime within the next month or so, but for now, Chase Pay is limited in where you can use it. If you would like to try out Chase Pay you can download it right now for free on Google Play.