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Chat Application Microsoft Send Now Available on Android

Sep 23, 2015

The chat application by Microsoft, which is cleverly called Send, is finally released on Google Play Store, available to download for all Android users. Microsoft Send uses the mailbox of users, making it possible for them to exchange instant messages with each other.

A very nice feature in Microsoft Send is that it only shows messages that has been send from within the application itself. This means that if the receiver does not have Microsoft Send installed on his or her mobile device, the message that you have send will show up as a simple email.

This allows you to use the application with everyone in your contact list. The only requirement is that you have also saved email addresses in your contact list. According to Microsoft, this is a big advantage over other chat applications such as WhatsApp.

Microsoft Send was already released for the iPhone some time ago; however, the app was only available for download in the United States of America and Canada. The Android version can be installed by anyone with a Google Play account. Microsoft Send is still in its beta stage; however, it is expected that the final version will be released very soon.

Microsoft Send turns your mailbox into a chat application.


Streamlining your email is pretty trendy nowadays. Google started streamlining the inbox with their email application, and now Microsoft is trying something similar with Send, which is an application that transforms email traffic into a WhatsApp-style messaging service.

Remarkably, Microsoft Send was first released for iOS, and wasn’t until much later that it became available for Android devices. The application itself was first available in the United States of America and Canada, after which it became available all over the world.

Microsoft Send strongly resembles Flow, which is also a chat application that was leaked through Microsoft’s own website. Flow also played a major role in turning your mailbox into a messaging service. This strongly suggest that Microsoft decided to change Flow into Send.

Your mailbox is your messaging service.

With Microsoft Send, it seems like Microsoft is trying to do everything they can to improve the way you send and receive emails, allowing you to write emails as quickly and easily as possible. After you start the application, you will immediately see your contact list, which means that you do not have to spend or waste any time to fill in a subject or signature.

All you have to do is simply tap on the person you want to talk to and start the conversation. Microsoft Send works just the same as many other messaging services, and it also looks the same as many other messaging services. You can check out the screenshots to see what I am talking about. It is very easy to notice several comparisons.

What are the advantages of Microsoft Send?


Microsoft Send is definitely not a replacement for your regular email application on your iOS or Android device. However, it can definitely come in handy when you simply need to send a quick message to a person, without needing to write a complete email.

A very nice feature in Microsoft Send is that you also do not need to know any of the contact information of the person you are trying to send a message to, other than his or her email address, of course.

The advantage of being able to send messages to your contacts, without knowing their phone numbers can be pretty convenient. For example, if you have the email addresses of the people you work with, you can easily and instantly message them, without first asking them for their phone numbers.

Microsoft Send is also able to show you when your contact is writing a message to you. This is nice for people who are in a hurry, and would like to know if their contact person is actually going to respond.

Microsoft Send also does not require the receiver of your message to have the application itself installed on their mobile device. Whenever you send a message to a person who does not have Microsoft Send installed, your message will be send as a regular email.

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