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Chat Feature Now Worldwide in YouTube iOS & Android Apps

Aug 8, 2017

If you are into sharing and socializing, you will really love the new YouTube chat feature that has been included in the mobile app update. The new YouTube chat feature has officially rolled out to all iOS and Android users worldwide.

This is huge news, although a lot of people have already got to try out the new feature during soft launches throughout the year. We have all of the latest news about the new YouTube chat feature and what this means for you as a video watcher.

YouTube Rolls Out New Sharing and Chat Features to All iOS Users

The new YouTube chat is not an entirely new feature as it was rolled out in Canada at the beginning of 2018. It also was rolled out to some people in the United States months ago as well, although not everyone in America got to enjoy the soft launch of the chat feature.

Now, regardless of where you live in the world, you will be able to get the chat feature as part of the newly updated YouTube app. Both the iOS version of YouTube and the Android version of YouTube have been updated to include the new chat feature.

The chat and sharing features in YouTube now allow you to pick a video and then share this video with your friends. From there, you will be able to go into watch the video and have a chat with your friends and family while the video is playing.

You can use emojis and text as well and it is a great way to add a social aspect to YouTube beyond just leaving comments. Instead of going outside of YouTube to talk about a video with your friends and family, such as through a texting app, you will now be able to talk about the video right there from within the YouTube standalone app.

YouTube Chat Feature Allows for More Socializing

The feature is officially called “Share on YouTube” and it is not something you will find on the web version of the popular site. You can only find the new option right now on mobile, and we are not sure when or if the website version will get this option. If you are on iOS or Android, you will also be able to send Group Messages.

With the Group Message feature, you can include 30 people into your group chat and talk about the videos. This is pretty significant because it is allowing you to include quite a big group that you can socialize with while watching the same video.

You will notice that the new chat option will replace the “Activity” section in the iOS app. You can decide to share the videos and chat with people by adding your friends using text message or you can go onto another social website and send them the link to the video. You also can choose to email the link to your friends if you would like to share the video that way.

You will still be able to share the videos through other sites as well, so if you would rather use another platform you have that option as well. Either way, this is a great new feature to have in the YouTube iOS or Android app and it will make your social life that much more enjoyable and easy.