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Cheap Android Phone Blu Back Online After Adups Debacle

Dec 19, 2016

If you are looking for a cheap Android phone, you might have heard of the company Blu, which developed cheap Android phones and sold them online at places like Amazon. Amazon had these phones in stock earlier this year, but a debacle with the company Adups led to the phones being pulled off Amazon. Well, good news if you were looking for one of these cheap Android phones because they are back in stock online after the issues.

Android Blu Phones For Sale Again

The Blu phones were only $50 if you purchased the phones which had Amazon lock screen ads. During the first few months of being sold on Amazon, Blu R1 HD ended up doing a lot of business, but an Adups issue caused the phones to be pulled from the shelves of all retailers, including Amazon. The R1 HD manufactured by Blu can be purchased without the ads for $110, but if you do not mind a single line of text on the lock screen then the ads should not really be an issue. You will notice the ads on the lock screen but it does not interfere with anything involving the lock screen itself, and you can think of it just like being a small wall of text only when no other real notifications are present.

If you go with the $50 version of this Android phone you get 1 GB of RAM and 8GB of actual storage. If you spend $60 then you get 2 GB of RAM and 16 GB of storage, so it is worth it to get the slightly more expensive Blu phones because you get a lot more room for not much more in the cost department. Overall the Blu Android phones sold out and sold well because of the amazing RAM and storage capabilities with the small price tag, but the Adups issue really did interfere with the perception of the company.

We have talked about the Blu Adups issue already, but in case you did  not see that, it was involving Adups, which is the company that manages all of the over-the-air updates for the Blu R1 HD phone. This company, Adups, is based in China, and there was a part of the system that allowed for Adups to install the updates and then collect data on the user. This data was then sent to Chinese servers, and it was suggested to be a malware issue with Adups. Blu thought this feature was disabled but it was not, and various SMS messages as well as app data was sent to the Chinese servers. It was then claimed that this Adups feature was only supposed to be for people in China and was not supposed to be on the American versions of the Blu phones. When you look at it though, it is hard to differentiate on websites like Amazon which Android phones go to America and which phones went to other countries. That created a huge mess for Blu and Blu ended up discontinuing the Android phones until the problem was fixed.

The claim is that none of the data from Americans were ever used for any reason, even though they were all uploaded to the Chinese servers. To put the Blu situation lightly, it was all a real mess. There was an over-the-air update that disabled the collection of the data that was pushed to the R1 HD phones that were already out there being used. Blu even went further though and said the company was going to stop using Adups completely because of this mess. In reality, Blu has to do that because people are not trusting the company anymore and privacy advocates are furious.

When it comes to the new Blu Android phone itself, it seems like the data leak and the server uploading has stopped. The phones no longer are using Adups, although it is hard to be completely sure of this due to the fact we did not know it for a long time in the first place that this was going on. For Blu, the release of the cheap Android phones is going to be a slow process of people coming back around and trusting the company again. Blu wants to work hard to regain the trust of Android consumers, so it seems that it is taking all of the right steps to rectify the situation. If you want the cheapest and no frills Android phone on the market, this is definitely the right phone for you. There are also other options out there if you still do not feel comfortable with the situation between Blu and Adups. You can find Blu Android phones back on Amazon right now as well as at some other online retail locations, and you will be able to still get these phones at the amazingly low $50 price tag.