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Chef Rescue Cheats, Hacks & Tips for 2018

Jun 14, 2017

Chef Rescue is a strategy game that is brought to you by Tapps Games. Tapps Games are known for their simulation games, as they have brought a few other relatively popular ones to the market place. Chef Rescue is rated E for everyone, so there are absolutely no limitations as to who can play this game. Currently, Chef Rescue – Management game is available for both the Android Google Play store, and the Apple iOS store. The game currently has more than one million total installations, and has more than 80,000 positive reviews. It scores an average rating of 4.5 out of a possible 5 stars, making a really high rated game amongst its fans. Chef Rescue has regular updates, with the last being an Easter themed update to celebrate the holidays. The game always has updates that keeps the game fresh, and allows players to feel the festivities through the game itself.

Chef Rescue is a complete simulation and management game that requires players to focus and handle multiple different tasks at once. The game basically sets you in charge of a restaurant and it is completely up to you to cook all of the meals, serve the customers, and upgrade your restaurant to keep up with the raising standards of the industry. Chef Rescue has more than a hundred unique levels built into the game that are completely accessible to any user who wishes to play through them. All of the levels are diverse, and they do not get repetitive or stale. As you progress through the game, you will expand and open up new restaurants, all of which change the looks and play style of the game. You will have to manage a ton of customers and stay on your toes the further you get into the game.

Chef Rescue – Management Game does have a premium currency that players can purchase for real money. The premium currency of the game is the coin, which can be earned by playing through the game normally, but at a much slower pace than some users would like. For that reason, you can purchase coins for real money in several different packages. You can unlock a mixed pack of coins that starts as low as $1.99, or you can purchase a lot more coins for up to $5. There are also start supplies that players can purchase to jumpstart their progress and basically allow them to play through the game at a much quicker pace. Chef Rescue does not require any players to purchase any of the premium currency, it is completely up to you to if you would like to purchase the currency or not. Basically, you can play through it completely fine without, but if you would like to support the developers and show them some love, I would definitely recommend it because any purchase helps them and gives them an incentive to continue working on the game!

Tips and Cheats for Chef Rescue

The biggest tip that I can recommend to anyone that is just starting out the game is to play through the tutorial level and pay close attention. This very first level and the few subsequent levels are extremely important when you are learning the game. These levels will provide you with the basics that you need in order to play the game properly, and get a decent score while doing so. As new mechanics are introduced, there will be a similar tutorial style level in which players will play through to get accustomed  to the new element and how it functions in the game. Also, whenever a new ingredient or dish is introduced into the game, it is almost a guarantee that the next level will primarily feature that ingredient or dish, so you should have a good idea of what kind of dishes you will need to create.

Another great tip is practicing your micro managing abilities. Basically, in Chef Rescue, you will have a ton of customers queued up and waiting for their food as you are making it. You will definitely need to learn how to prioritize and how to multi task the different dishes that you will need to cook. A good system that works for me is to start with whoever comes to your counter first, and focus on that dish and getting that dish started. After you have started all you can with that dish, you should focus on the next customer that comes to the table and get their order started. Basically, you will always be working on whoever comes to you first, and then preparing whoever is next when you have done all you can for that customer.

In addition to being able to manage the customers that are coming to you, you also want to manage the food that you are preparing as well. A great tip is to almost never let the food enter the red zone on the meter. When it gets to the red zone, odds are that it is going to burn if you do not get there quick enough. Burning any food will result in a big point loss as well as losing out on the customer. If a customer does not get their food in the required time, they will be unhappy and they will leave the restaurant and this will reflect on your score and potentially cause you to fail the level that you are on. You always want to make sure you are watching your food carefully, as burning the food is the worst thing that you can do and any chef knows that! If you are having trouble managing the food and the orders, perhaps focus on the people that have come and sat down first, as they will be the first ones who are wanting to leave. If it gets too overwhelming, just go for as many completed dishes as you can, as this will result in the highest possible score.

As it stands now, there is no cheat to get the free premium currency, but you can get premium currency by simply playing through the levels and getting the best possible store. Perhaps as the game gets older, people will get cheats on how to get a lot of premium currency, but the best way now is to either purchase it with real money, or to just play the game normally and get it as you should be. With this currency, you can upgrade your restaurants and unlock new equipment and dishes, and this part is really up to you. You can unlock whatever you feel that you need at the time. If you find yourself struggling in one particular area, perhaps it will benefit you the most to upgrade that area to help speed things up, or even slow them down!