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Chrome for Android Gets Offline Support & More Features

May 9, 2017

It was back in December 2016 that Chrome for Android released an update where you could save your content for offline viewing. Now, Google has released another update for Chrome for Android in which you can now easier save that content for offline access. There are also improvements to how the offline features work, including how to find saved pages. If you have an Android device, continue reading to learn more about the Chrome for Android changes available in the newest update.

Chrome for Android Adds More Offline Support

The biggest news here is that Google has finally added more support for the Chrome for Android offline viewing feature. While the offline viewing and saving features itself are not that new, it was always clunky and weird trying to save media, music, and web pages to look at while offline. Now, Chrome for Android will include new and easier ways to save. If you have used the offline feature previously, then you know that you had to open the Chrome Menu and then click on “Save” in order to bookmark that site. You then could click on “Downloads” in order to find the content you saved for offline viewing.

Now, with this new Chrome for Android update, you will be able to long press your way to offline viewing. Just like when you want to open a new tab, you can long press and there is an option to “Download Link” within that pop-up menu. You can find this right below the open to open up the link in a new tab. If you open up the new tab, you also can use the long press option to save the content through the New Tab page. When you look at the New Tab page, you also will see the content you have already downloaded. There will be an offline icon next to the content you have downloaded for offline viewing.

New Offline Support & Features in Chrome for Android Update

In terms of what the new offline support features do in the Chrome for Android update, it will make it much easier to access that content you downloaded to read later. If you have used Pocket or Instapaper before, you will pretty much know how that type of service works. This update essentially will make Chrome just like Pocket and Instapaper. Both of these services are great for saving and reading articles while offline. If you plan on doing a lot of downloading and saving for later reading, then you might want to check out one of those two apps. If you are more just a moderate download and save for later reading Android user, then the new Chrome update will be perfect for you.

There might be more people who choose to use the offline reading feature now since it is much easier on Chrome for Android. It also is integrated into the browser which means you can access it anytime you want without downloading any other apps. If you have thought about saving a page for later but did not want to go through the hassle of downloading Instapaper, then this is definitely a worthwhile addition to checkout.

You will be able to impulsively save any page you want, which Google hopes will entice more people into using the Chrome for Android offline feature. If you are someone who runs out of data near the end of the month, you can plan ahead and download a bunch of content while on Wi-Fi somewhere, and then you will have content to read during that data less time of the month.

You will also notice that there is a blue button that says “Download later” which means Google Chrome will download that page once you are connected to the internet. This is a pretty cool feature if you see something but are not able to download it right now due to being in the offline mode. When it comes to Chrome for Android, Google has already come out to say that the offline features have led to more than 45 million pages per week being downloaded. That proves that Android users have a clear need for the offline viewing feature, and with this new update, it will be easier than ever to access the download option and the content you have downloaded.

You will find the new offline support in the newest Chrome for Android version, which is available right now in Google Play Store. If you have Google Chrome on your Android device already, which you should, this update should be hitting your device through the over-the-air update option if you have that enabled.