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Chromecast for iOS Rolls Out Discovery Features on Update

Oct 11, 2015

Good news for people who have an iOS device and also have a Google Chromecast, as a major overhaul of the app for iOS has just happened. This new update to Chromecast is available right now for iOS devices just by going through Apple iTunes where you can install the new app for free.


This new update will actually make you want to open the Chromecast app on your iOS device, whereas before, you basically don’t even open up the app because there is nothing to it and you only had it on your device because you needed it in order to install your Google Chromecast.

A few weeks ago, Android devices got a major update for the Chromecast app and this new update for iTunes and Apple devices is basically the exact same thing as the Android update. Android users have been having fun with the updated Chromecast app since it came out a few weeks ago, and it has made a huge difference in terms of how people enjoy Chromecast. If you have been using the iOS app, then you know just how bare the interface was for the Chromecast, with not much going on in the user interface, but things are now changing to provide you with an overall better viewing experience. Some of the new features that are being rolled out with this app update are going to not only help you find what you want to watch, but it will help you organize and manage your life as well.

You might be wondering just what exactly does this new Chromecast update have to offer for iOS devices? The first thing is that there are two new features on your Chromecast app, which are “What’s On” and “Get App” and these two apps will change your experience and give you more options for watching television shows. “What’s On” is an app that shows you trending content from the various apps that you have on your iOS device, and it will show you the most popular shows and movies that your apps have to offer you. If you have Netflix and Hulu, then “What’s On” will show you the trending and popular movies and television shows from each one. It will also go through Google Play any other apps you have on your device will also be looked through to find you these popular and trending movies.


“Get Apps” is also a new feature on the Chromecast update for iOS, and “Get Apps” basically shows you a list of various applications that you can get that are Chromecast-enabled. Any apps out there that are Chromecast-enabled will be within this section of the app. There is a search function that is built in that can show you compatible apps you can get that contains the movie or television show you want to watch. For example, if you want to watch “The Good Wife” you can just type in that television show into the search bar, and then a list of apps will show up which have that show, and you can choose which of the apps you want to download in order to watch it.

The best part about the Chromecast app for iOS and the update is that it is available for all Google Chromecast devices and dongles, even if you just have the older media streaming stick. There is a new 2015 version of Google Chromecast out now as well, which is just as cheap as the previous model, and it is available in all of the locations that carry electronic items like the Chromecast. So basically, you can download and install this new Chromecast app update no matter if you have the older Chromecast dongle or if you have the newer Chromecast dongle.

The new Chromecast app update is technically called version 1.125998, and if you have automatic updates on your device then it should be rolling out to your device any day now, if it has not already. Another great part about the update to the Chromecast app is that you can manage all of your devices, which is a good thing if you have more than one Chromecast in your home. Whether you have two Chromecasts within your walls or you have four or five Chromecasts in your home, you can now manage all of these Chromecasts through the app.

This new update also will let you manage devices like Chromecast Audio, which might be hooked up within your house as well. This means you do not have to fiddle with trying to manage multiple Chromecasts or Chromecast Audio devices on various smartphones or tablets, and anything you are watching you can throw to any of the Chromecast devices right from your own phone.