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Chrono Trigger Available Now on Steam

Mar 1, 2018

We are excited to learn that Chrono Trigger is now available on Steam for download. Chrono Trigger is a very well-known role-playing game that has amassed a huge fan base. The game was unexpectedly launched on Steam within the past 24-hours, without any prior announcement. You might remember this game because it was a huge hit on the Super Nintendo back in the day. Keep reading to learn more about Chrono Trigger coming to Steam and what you will get with this PC version.

Chrono Trigger Now Available on Steam for PC

It is a huge moment for Chrono Trigger to come to the PC through Steam. This SNES classic role-playing game has amassed so many fans over the years. The Steam version is updated, which we expected, but it still feels a lot like the old SNES game. There was not an advanced announcement that this game would be coming to Steam. It just managed to show up this week without fanfare. There are a few additions to the Steam version of Chrono Trigger as well as more welcoming features.

Square Enix is putting out the Steam version of this game with a soundtrack that has been re-recorded with the original composer supervising the recording. The visuals have been updated for the newer PC gaming technology. Even with these updates, you will find that a lot of the graphics are very similar still to the original. There will be two new dungeons that are coming as a bonus for the Steam version. The two dungeons were also available on the mobile versions of Chrono Trigger as well as the Nintendo DS version.

Chrono Trigger Has Some Issues on Steam

When it comes to the Steam version of the game, there is also a new auto-save feature available in this game. If you decide to get the game before April 2, you will also be able to get some bonuses. These bonuses include high-definition wallpapers, a five-song digital medley.

There are also liner notes available as a bonus from the original composer of the soundtrack. These are some pretty cool bonuses that might interest a lot of people who are fans of the original game. With this Steam version, there are a few issues going on though that you might be annoyed with. One thing is that the graphics look like they were passed through a couple of different filtering options. The pixels are off and it does not look like the normal 16-bit format.

Chrono Trigger Hits Steam- Stays True to Original

Even with some of these issues, the game is still pretty good on Steam. Hopefully, the issues that are present will be fixed in some future updates. The graphics being off really only adds to the old-style game graphics that Chrono Trigger was coming from. Some people think the graphics are good how they are, although they are not impressive if you are looking for a really updated high-definition version of the game. If you want that, you would be better off downloading the mobile versions. It is now available for Android, iOS, Nintendo DS, Steam, and the PlayStation 1.

The game first was released back in 1995, using a huge team of developers that you might know from games like Dragon Quest and Dragon Ball. Chrono Trigger for Steam is available right now, so you might want to head over there to check it out. Tell us in the comments what you think of the new Chrono Trigger game. Do you like the Steam version of the game or do you think the graphics definitely are way off base? Let us know how easy the game is to play and whether you think it holds true to the original SNES version.