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Chrooma Keyboard Update Adds GIF Search & More

Jan 18, 2017

A new update has hit Chrooma Keyboard, updating this version to Chrooma Keyboard 4. There are a variety of new features in this Android app update, including GIF search. If you are someone that enjoys the way the Google Keyboard works but you want more features and functionality, then the Chrooma Keyboard 4 might just be for you.

Chrooma Keyboard 4 Adds GIF Search & More Features

There are a lot of cool new features that just hit with Chrooma Keyboard 4, with the biggest feature being the ability to use GIF search. Version 3 came out about 7 months ago, and now version 4 is set to add even more functionality to this already jam-packed keyboard app for Android. Beyond all of the cool improvements we also see speed improvements and bug fixes, which definitely help stabilize the app and make it run smoother.

One of the other things you will notice with this update is that you will get emoji suggestions when you type out a word. For example, if you type out something like angel, you will get the angel emoji suggestion. You will also get neural predictions when you are typing sentences. The clipboard is also smarter now because it will let you view your copy and paste text and provides you a history so you can choose to re-paste something if you need to. You also can choose to pin some of your copy and paste if it is something you might use often, such as your email address or other contact information.

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You will find that there is a blacklist option too, which will tell the Chrooma Keyboard 4 for Android to stop suggesting certain words. You also have a customizable action row, and this will be able to get you to punctuation to emojis quickly depending on what you are typing. You have quick punctuation now and dictionaries download too, which helps you type smarter and faster than ever before.

The Navigation Bar also is different with this update, as you now have more colors to choose from with the keyboard so you get a unified look. A custom number layout will help you if you need to type out numbers quickly. The quick emojis option is also now added to the Chrooma Keyboard 4, which allows you to stray from gestures, and there is also a recent emoji tab for the emojis you use the most. This allows you to enter the most commonly used emojis without having to search for them again. So if you are someone who likes the happy emoji, then this will be one of your top emojis and you can quickly choose this to enter into the conversation. You also have the ability to go from the Chrooma emoji to your Android phone emojis quickly, so it is very similar to WhatsApp in that regard.

If you are into sharing various types of media, there is also Giphy integration to allow you to search GIFs and quickly enter them into your conversations. You also now have a scroll strip of the latest images you have used, so if you want to send the same picture to various people, it is now much easier to do with the update.

If you would like to try out the new Chrooma Keyboard 4 for Android, you can get it now through Google Play for free. It will cost you from $.99 to $2.49 though if you want to unlock the various tiers and options from within the app. If you already have Chrooma Keyboard on your Android device, then you should be getting the over-the-air updated version of the app any time now.

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