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Classic Mobile Games Coming Back This Fall Via GameClub

Sep 11, 2019

If you’ve missed some of the classic mobile games that have been released on iOS and Android, fear not as a new service is about to bring it all back. GameClub, which is going to be a subscription service, is set to bring iconic mobile games back to the market this fall.

It will work similar to how Netflix and other subscription services work. This means a small fee is going to be needed to join this service. There’s still details we don’t know about this service, but we have learned a lot about it after this new announcement. We have all of the newest details about the upcoming release of GameClub so keep reading to learn all about it.

GameClub Offering Classic Mobile Games Through Subscription Service

GameClub is a new subscription service that is going to be released this fall and it’s going to bring all of your favorite mobile games back to life. We don’t know how much the GameClub subscription is going to cost, but we know there will be quite a few titles available during launch. In fact, more than 50 games are going to be available initially, and then more games will be added as time goes on.

There will be over 50 games at launch and that’s a huge deal for those who love mobile games. Some of the games that GameClub will offer at launch include Mage Gauntlet, Super Crate Box, Minigore, Space Miner, and even Legendary Wars. All of these games have been optimized and updated for the newest iOS and Android devices. That means you’ll get a much better gaming experience with these games now as opposed to how the games were played back in the early mobile days.

GameClub Will Release New Games Every Week

While we don’t know which games will be available in future updates, we do know GameClub will release new titles every single week. Some of the games are going to be originals that will be released in the future and other games will be classic mobile titles. With new games added to GameClub every single week, we expect this subscription service to become pretty popular.

One of the best features about GameClub is that it’s going to allow you to download the games so that you can play them all offline, which is really cool. Most mobile games need some kind of connection to play, but not the games through GameClub. You’ll be able to download the entire game and then play it whenever you want. This feature alone should set GameClub apart from most other gaming services. Since so many people play mobile games outside of their house, the ability to download the games and play them without Internet is going to be very enticing.

GameClub is Trying to Solve Free-to-Play Gaming

With GameClub, the company is trying to figure out how to solve the free-to-play app market situation. Free-to-play apps and games have actually harmed the mobile gaming market, mostly due to the various monetization methods used in these games. Titles that are great games are not being downloaded because people are only seeking or finding titles that are free-to-play. These free-to-play titles though really aren’t free, and that’s creating a huge issue for mobile gamers.

If you are interested in GameClub, the good news is that there’s an Early Access program that you can check out by heading to the GameClub website. You will be able to get pre-launch beta titles through the TestFlight program and receive more news about the upcoming global launch.

We hope that in the near future we will hear more details about the pricing and how that will work. Whether it will be a monthly service fee or a yearly one. The cost needs to be good enough to entice people into it, so we expect it will be somewhere close to what Netflix and other subscription services charge.

In the comments below, we want to know what you think about GameClub. Do you think bringing classic games back to iOS and Android is going to be a benefit? Are people going to be excited to play these old games that have been optimized for the new mobile devices? Tell us whether or not you will be signing up to join GameClub in the near future.