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Clicker Heroes Briefly Removed From Apple’s App Store After Chinese Company Trademarked Name

May 28, 2019

You might have been trying to download Clicker Heroes this past week and realized it was no longer available on Apple’s App Store. That was due to Apple removing the game for a period of time after a Chinese company trademarked the name after its own version of the game began to gain attention worldwide.

This fake version of Clicker Heroes ended up knocking out the real version and Apple removed the real version instead. We have all of the latest details of Clicker Heroes being removed from Apple’s App Store, so continue reading to learn more about this situation.

Clicker Heroes Removed from Apple’s App Store without Developer Breaking Any Rules

The worst part about Clicker Heroes being removed from Apple’s App Store was that in this case, the developer of the game didn’t break any rules or violate any policies. With this game, the issue was that a Chinese company had trademarked the name Clicker Heroes after it gained worldwide attention for its version of the game. This was a fake game and it led to the real game being removed without warning from Apple’s App Store.

The freemium game had gained a lot of popularity on Apple’s App Store, with Clicker Heroes amassing more than 47,000 reviews on Apple. Most of these reviews were positive and have dated back since the release of the game way back in 2015. Playsaurus is the developer of Clicker Heroes.

The name itself goes way back to 2014 and there is evidence to prove this. The issue was that Playsaurus didn’t register the name Clicker Heroes in China, which allowed Shenzhen Lingyou Technology to file the trademark on the name. This company created a clone of the game and then began amassing an audience worldwide with the fake version.

How Clicker Heroes Was Removed from Apple’s App Store

A lot of people are wondering how this could happen to a popular game that has been around since 2015. The issue is within the trademarks, as Playsaurus does hold the trademarks both in Canada and the United States. Since the developer never held the trademark in China, this is where the issue really was. Shenzhen Lingyou Technology Co., LTD filed a request with Apple for the game to be removed, and this forced Apple to remove the game worldwide.

The game was removed in all locations and not just in China, which means a huge loss of revenue for the company. CEO of Playsaurus Thomas Wolfley spoke about the issue saying he contacted Apple and was as clear as he could be about the situation. Wolfley went onto add that the company doesn’t have the resources to fight the trademark battle over in China and thought it would be the end of Clicker Heroes for good.

What’s Next for Clicker Heroes?

The good news is that Apple has communicated with Wolfley and realized the error that happened here. Apple confirmed to Wolfley that the game would be globally reinstated, except in China, as that is where the fake game still holds the trademark. This isn’t the first major snafu that Apple has created recently when it comes to removing games abruptly.

Apple just recently removed a lot of the third-party apps that were meant to be parental control apps. The company claimed privacy risks and access to personal information of children. Interestingly enough, these third-party apps had the same features of the Screen Time feature that Apple released.

So it appears that the personal information of children is fine to be accessed when it’s Apple doing it, but not third-party app developers. There are definitely some issues when it comes to Apple and how or why Apple chooses to remove apps from the App Store.

We want to know in the comments below if you are someone who plays Clicker Heroes. Do you like the freemium game and were you sad when the game was removed from Apple’s App Store? The issue with trademarks seem to be a little out of control, especially when it’s pretty easy to figure out which game is the legit game and which is a fake. Do you think Apple needs to figure out a way to handle these situations better in order to ensure the real games are not being punished and unfairly removed?