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Contact Managing App Cardhop Finally Launches on iOS

Apr 4, 2019

More than a year after the debut on Mac, Cardhop has finally landed on iOS to the delight of many. Cardhop is a pretty intuitive contact managing app that makes it super quick to look up or add contacts to your list. With this app, you can quickly find the contact you are looking for or you can add a new one.

As you probably have found out by now, there are really no great contact apps out there for mobile devices. There are even less great choices on iOS when compared to Android, which is why we are super excited about Cardhop. Keep reading to learn more details about Cardhop and why this app is going to really be useful for managing all of your iOS contacts.

Cardhop is a New & Easy Way to Manage Your Contacts on iOS

It was actually around 18-months ago when Cardhop first launched on Mac, and it quickly became a pretty successful contact managing app for those on Mac. This app has finally made it onto iOS devices with the launch of Cardhop on Apple’s App Store. The iOS version works similar to how the Mac version works and it makes it much easier to add or find contacts. What we really found to be great was that it makes managing contacts hassle-free and it’s very simple to figure out.

Mobile contact apps have been few and far between, but none have really ended up being successful on iOS or Android. If you are in need of an address book for your iOS device, then you might really want to check out Cardhop because it’s simple and does what it’s supposed to do. The developer Flexibits is behind this app and this developer created Fantastical.

We have checked out the app and wanted to tell you more about what Cardhop offers you if you download it for your iOS device. Right now you can get this app for $4, but only for a limited-time because the price will go up to $5 within a week or two. We suggest you try out the app right now so you can get this limited-time deal and you will see it’s worth every penny.

Cardhop iOS App Uses One Search Box for All Controls

While speaking about how simple Cardhop is to use on iOS, it’s important to point out that the controls are simply done using one search box. You will find the search box at the bottom of the Cardhop app, and this search box is where all of the controls are found. You can type a company name, name, address, email address, or other details into this search box. There will be matching contact details that will show up as you begin your search in that box.

Not only can you search by name or other information, but you also can type out commands. You can type out something such as “email Amanda” and the app will allow you to click on her name to open up a new email. The best part about this is that it will also take you right to the email app that you choose, so you will get to pick where the new email is coming from.

Using the search box, you also are able to add new contacts. One really cool aspect of this app is that you can just type out everything and the app itself will plug those details into the corresponding field. That means you will no longer need to go field-to-field filling out those contact details. This saves you a lot of time, especially if you are trying to save a lot of business contacts at once.

Are You Going to Download Cardhop for All of Your iOS Contact Management Needs?

There is also a feature that the iOS version has that you will not find in the Mac version, which is the business card mode. With this mode, you can turn your phone landscape and then just use your business card with certain information you want to share with others. This information then goes into a QR code where you can have other people can that code. If someone scans your QR code, all of the information you shared from your business card will show up.

What we really enjoyed about Cardhop is that this app does exactly what it’s advertised to do, which is manage your contacts easily and effectively. The app is really good in terms of knowing which information goes into what field if you just type in a bunch of contact information at once. This app is also great because it is simple to use since there is just one search box where everything is controlled.

Lastly, you will also have favorite contacts in this app. Just click the favorites to see all of the information for those contacts. You also can swipe the name to quickly have access to the different ways you can contact the person, such as cell phone, email, or text. The buttons are all customizable which means that you can choose how you would prefer to contact each person within the favorites list. So if you prefer to text your spouse or child but call your parent, you can choose a function for each person.