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Content Creators Can Now Receive Tips From Within App

Jun 11, 2017

Good news if you are a content creator and make apps for iOS devices. We just learned that Apple has finally and officially updated the App Store Review Guidelines. The new Guidelines have finally allowed for content creators to earn tips on their content through the in-app purchasing option. If you are an app developer or content creator for iOS apps, read on to learn more about the new change.

Content Creators Now Can Get Tips Through App

The best news here is that the content creators out there can get tips through their app by utilizing the in-app purchasing option. You can now sell the option to buy virtual currency through the in-app purchasing ability. This virtual currency selling through the in-app purchasing ability allows people to tip the content creators from right there inside of the app. This is the first time that Apple has made changes to finally allow content creators to get tips through this option.

When it comes to in-app purchases, Apple already gets a part of that money, and then the rest goes to the app developer. The same thing will happen with the tipping of the content creators, which means Apple will get a cut of this “tip” before it is passed onto the creators. In fact, Apple has it setup so that the company will earn 30 percent of the tip from those in-app purchases, and the content creator will get the other 70 percent.

We have mentioned something about tips previously, since this is a very popular thing that goes on in China. People in China love to tip the content creators, especially on those live-streaming apps that are super popular over in China. Some of the apps include Yizhibo and Yinke, which are two apps that have had the ability for people to tip within the app for a while now. These two apps also allowed people to give gifts to those content creators, so some apps have been showing these abilities for a while.

Even though some apps have had the tipping ability for a while, Apple as a whole has not had tipping before. Apple also frowned upon the in-app tipping ability, which we touched on in an article last month. Apple just within the past month told WeChat and other similar types of social networking apps that they should disable the tipping functionality from the app. Apple said that these apps needed to disable the tipping feature in order to abide by the Apple Store Review Guidelines.

It made sense because this allowed for those creators to bypass the 30 percent take of Apple, so the creators got 100 percent of the money while Apple got nothing. Now, with Apple making the Guidelines include the ability to put in-app purchasing tip abilities in the app, it will allow Apple to get the 30 percent cut it wants.

More News About Content Creators & Tipping

The best part about this is that now the creators have a standard and guidelines to what is allowed for the apps, including the ability to tip using the in-app purchasing option. This could lead to a ton more app developers using the tipping option since now they will not need to worry about possible repercussions from Apple for putting the tipping feature out there. More app developers will likely be offering the virtual currencies so that you can tip them if you want, and now we know Apple has it setup and is cool with it.

Even better than that, the app developers themselves will be able to figure out how much the content creators get out of that tip money. Some app developers might be more inclined to give a bigger percent to the content creators if they are amazing at what they do and have helped build up the app. Since there is no standard for the developers in terms of how much creators have to be tipped, it really is the free market at work and it should be interesting to see how it works out.