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Continuous Video Streaming and Highlights by Facebook Live

May 25, 2016

Continuous Video Streaming and Highlights by Facebook Live: In the beginning of 2016, Facebook added the ability to start broadcasting live video from its iPhone app. Later the social platform expanded the service to more platforms. Now, with no time limit Facebook plans to let the users live stream broadcast non-stop, but also without any option to save or share the video. Facebook apart from the new Live API, is also tweaking many ways to find when a Live video receives the ‘most engagement’.Continuous Video Streaming and Highlights by Facebook Live

Continuous Video Streaming and Highlights by Facebook Live

TechCrunch reported that the new Continuous Live Video API will allow the users to stream the continuous videos. Initially it adds that the Live API had 12 partners but this has gone over 100 now. One biggest addition is that the new API will allow ‘more professional broadcasters’ to use their high-grade cameras, as well as control that who can see the Live videos.

To recall, initially the Facebook Live video feature allowed live streams of up to 90 minutes. The new Live API can surely bring a lot of the enhancements to Facebook like, broadcasting a whole event on the Facebook instead of YouTube. To save space on Facebook servers, live streamers could not save their videos permanently on the platform, while in the video the viewers will not be able to rewind to an earlier point.

Fidji Simo the Facebook’s Head of Video said, they have already seen some interesting use cases, for example, it was used by explore.org to power nature cameras and they are looking forward to seeing what Live API developers will come up with in the future. They expect publishers and developers to get creative with this new capability.

Apart from the continuous broadcasting, the new API also adds the option to geotag. The option will allow the creators to access the same customization and control options they offer for regular videos.

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Techcrunch reports that Facebook will roll out a new graph feature where the users will able to see when their live videos will attract the higher volumes of engagement, but it will initially be available to the limited users. The company is said to utilize the reactions to find when the Live video receives the most engagement and it will allow the users to fast-forward the most important part of video.

Fidji Simo explains that the new graph feature says, around two-thirds of the watch time for Facebook Live happens when the video is no longer live, they tell us that people are interested in watching live videos even if they are not able to catch them while they are happening. After the fact when people watch live video, the engagement graph provides a valuable signal that can help the people to explore the video and it easily identify highlights that they may find engaging, that could encourage people to spend more time with the video that they might have otherwise skipped over.