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Control Center Pop Up Notification Found on iOS 11.2 Beta 3

Nov 16, 2017

There is a new Control Center pop-up notification that you will find if you download iOS 11.2 Beta 3. This pop-up notification is there to tell you all about the new Bluetooth toggle and Wi-Fi toggle. A lot of people have had questions about the Control Center functions. This new notification on iOS 11.2 Beta 3 should definitely clear up some of those issues. Read on to learn more about the new Control Center pop-up notification window and how it can help you understand the new system.

Control Center Pop Up Found on iOS 11.2 Beta 3

The new iOS 11.2 Beta 3 update has just rolled out and there is a new pop-up notification found in this update. The pop-up notification will tell you more about how the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi toggles work. It was only in iOS 11 that these new toggles were featured. The toggles will allow you to temporarily disable the features, although it is not a permanent way to disable them. There were a lot of people who were confused about this new feature, so now the Control Center pop-up will be there to guide you.

You can go into the Control Center and tap the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth toggle to off. Once you do that, it will not completely turn off or disable either feature. As soon as you toggle off either feature, the Wi-Fi will be disabled. This means that you will immediately lose your current network connection. You will still be able to access Personal Hotspot, location accuracy, and the AirDrop features. If you toggle off the Bluetooth in the Control Center, it will disconnect all of the accessories but leave your other devices connections active. This includes leaving Personal Hotspot, Handoff, and Apple Watch or Pencil connected.

Control Center Notification Window Makes iOS 11 Easier to Understand

The best part about the new Control Center notification is that it will allow you to better understand iOS 11. The new pop-up notification will tell you all about how the toggle works, including timing off the toggling. What we mean by this is that the Wi-Fi will continue to be disabled until certain criteria are met. This includes using the Control Center to reactivate it or if the iOS device is manually restarted. The Wi-Fi feature can also be reactivated by time since if it is 5 am it will turn itself back on. You also need to do any of the above in order to reactivate the Bluetooth once you have toggled it off in the Control Center.

If you are on iOS 11 then you can only disable Bluetooth or Wi-Fi permanently by going into the Settings. From the Settings, you have to manually switch these two things off in order to keep them off. Another cool thing coming on the iOS 11.2 Beta 3 update is the ability to unlock what is known as fast wireless charging. This is 7.5W charging and it will work with the iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 Plus. If you would like to, you can go ahead and download the new iOS 11.2 Beta 3 update right now on your iOS device as long as it meets the criteria for the upgrade.

Remember., since this is a beta update it would be better to put this on a secondary iOS device. That is because the beta updates could contain glitches or bugs that might end up messing up your iOS device. Once you have downloaded the beta update, you cannot roll back to a previous version. Have you tried out iOS 11 yet? Tell us what you think of the newest iOS operating system in the comments below.