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Controversial Game Rape Day Not Being Released on Steam After Uproar

Mar 13, 2019

A controversial game called Rape Day was supposed to be released on Steam in April, but now that will not be happening due to the uproar. In a world of #MeToo where sexual assault on women is becoming a huge topic someone thought it would be a good idea to make a game all about raping women. This was an indie game that did focus on actually performing violent sexual assaults on various women in the game. Valve has responded to the uproar that this game has caused and now says it will not be released on Steam after all.

Indie Game Rape Day No Longer Heading to Steam as Valve Responds to Controversy

The indie game Rape Day is no longer going to be released on Steam after uproar by thousands of people. In case you didn’t know, the premise of this game is to rape women and it’s set in a zombie apocalypse situation. Valve finally responded to the controversy surrounding the game and said that it would not be hosted on Steam through Steam Direct. The game was supposed to be released in April, so only a few weeks from now through Steam Direct. Both the video game developer and Valve were silent for quite a few days before Valve finally said something related to the controversy.

Rape Day is a violent game that revolves around sexually assaulting women. This game used graphic language and imagery to convey rape. As you probably have heard about already, the #MeToo movement is putting people on blast who have allegedly assaulted women. The social media platforms are giving #MeToo a bigger voice.

As #MeToo becomes more popular, games like Rape Day are going to quickly draw severe backlash. Rape Day was a visual novel that really did portray the various ways and means people would rape women. When it comes to Valve overall, the company has ended up getting softer in terms of policy. Valve has decided to be less restrictive on the content that ends up on Steam over the past year.

Even as Policy Changes Let More Games on Steam Valve Denies Rape Day from Release in April

Valve announced a policy change last year that would limit the amount of moderation of the kinds of games that would be allowed on Steam. Previous to this policy change, the policy was not consistent in which games were allowed on Steam. Valve made a policy change that was more of a hands-off approach to the moderation of the games. Unless the game was illegal or directly trolling, it would now be allowed on Steam.

Visual novels and games that were sexually exploiting children have been the only group that really has had issues getting onto Steam. Valve banned games featuring the sexual explanation of children already. Rape Day according to Valve poses “unknown risks and costs” although Valve never gets into the rules that the game broke. We can imagine that visual imagery of raping women does have to fall into some category that Valve doesn’t want included on Steam.

Valve Finally Releases Statement on Banning Rape Day from Steam

Valve finally did release a statement about Rape Day and the decision regarding it no longer being allowed on Steam. Valve said it decided not to distribute the game but did not get into those risks or costs that the game would cause Steam or Valve. The company basically said that it takes a lot of things into consideration before publishing a game.

Some of those things taken into consideration include the risks to developer partners, Valve, and the customers. Due to all of these aspects that must be considered it was decided that Rape Day was not suitable for Steam Direct distribution. We are not shocked by this news, but shocked it took this long for Valve to finally say something.

The company went onto say that it thinks developers should be able to express themselves. In many cases, Valve loves to help developers do just that and grow an audience. It is because of the nature of the game and what the content matter is representing that Valve has decided not to be a source for distribution of this particular game.

Rape Day Game Being Banned from Steam Elicits Response from Gamers & Free Speech Advocates

Even though this game realistically depicts the acts of rape and sexual assault on women, the ban on Steam has some people upset too. There are those who feel that this is free expression that should be protected, with many in the gaming community disliking any moderation of that type of content.

Those in the gaming community that are supportive of the game also say that this is nothing new. They claim the mainstream media and other big game titles have also glorified this type of content already. The hands-off approach that Valve seems to have stated in the past with the new policy is also getting people upset. It’s more about the fact that Valve is deeming this game inappropriate due to the type of content portrayed.

As for the developer of Rape Day, the developer has said that the game will be released one way or another. The developer was not mad at Valve saying the private company had every right to deny anyone the opportunity to have their game distributed on Steam. We do not know where Rape Day will end up or through which online platform it might be released. If we hear any news about the release, we will let you know.