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Conversation View Turn Off Feature Added to Gmail iOS & Android Apps

Aug 12, 2018

Great news if you are one of the people who hate the conversation view in Gmail. Google just updated the Gmail app on both iOS and Android to allow you to turn off conversation view. Previously, the threaded conversation view was the only option you had in the mobile apps.

Google has been adding many features to the mobile apps in recent months. As for threaded conversations, it was default in the mobile apps all this time. There also was no way to turn it off, until just now. We have all of the latest news about the Gmail app update on both iOS and Android, so keep reading to learn more.

Gmail Mobile Apps Add Conversation View Turn Off Feature

If you have the Gmail app on your iOS or Android device, you will love the new conversation view turn off feature. When Gmail added threaded conversation view back in the day, it only allowed you to have the feature on by default. There was no way previously to turn off the feature, which annoyed a lot of people. On the web version, the ability to turn off the threaded conversation view was added almost immediately after it was released.

Even though the web version had the ability to turn off the feature, the mobile versions were left behind. Now, Google has finally added the option on the Gmail mobile apps to turn off the threaded conversation view. This is great news for everyone using the Gmail iOS or Gmail Android app. You will notice the change rolling out right now. If you do not see the change quite yet, you can always download the new Gmail update from Apple’s App Store or Google Play Store.

Gmail Threaded Conversation View Gets Off Feature in Mobile Apps

You will love how to can now just see all of your emails coming into your Inbox normally. Some people find this to be the best way to keep track of incoming emails. There is no longer the need to group these emails, which is supposed to make them easier to follow. A lot of people find threaded conversation view actually makes it harder to follow the conversation and emails. With the new option, you will be back to just getting each email in your Inbox like it used to be.

To turn the threaded conversation view off, you can just click on your account name. You will find this from within the Settings menu. Once there, you will see where it says “Conversation View” and you can just check this box. After that box has been checked, things will go back to the normal old school way, which is good news for a lot of people.

The whole threaded conversation view decision is more a personal preference, since some people do claim it helps them keep track of the latest conversation. If you have never tried anything outside of threaded conversation view, now might be a good time try it out. The cool thing is that if you do not like the old way of getting each email in your Inbox, you can just recheck the Threaded Conversation feature in Settings to turn it back on.

What Do You Think About the Threaded Conversation View?

We want to know what you think of the threaded conversation view in Gmail. Do you like having the threaded conversations to help you keep track of important emails and other conversations? If the old school way is better for you, tell us why you feel that way in the comments below. The threaded conversation feature works best for people who either get a lot of emails or run a business.

Communicating business needs in threaded conversations is often times much easier. What do you think works best for your needs? Let us know in the comments below whether you like this new change to turn off threaded conversations. We also want to know if you think there are more features that the mobile Gmail apps should get in the future. If you do not use Gmail, tell us why in the comments below.