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Cooking Craze Updated: New Additions & Bug Fixes

Aug 4, 2017

Cooking Craze was just updated on July 17, and there were some game optimizations made that will improve the game in this update. Beyond the new update, we thought we would tell you more about Cooking Craze. We will also give you some tips and tricks you can use in the game to help you become a master chef in no time.

Cooking Craze is a time-management game where you will become a chef and you have to bake a bunch of different items. This game is available on mobile, including Android and iOS. You will need to cook items, bake items, grill items, and chop items in order to become a master chef. There are tons of products and ingredients you can use to make your various foods, and you need to make sure your customers are happy with your creations.

There is more to this game than just cooking burgers or donuts, so you have to be inventive and creative with your ingredients to make delicious items. If this kitchen time-management game sounds like fun to you, read on to learn about some of the best tips and tricks to help you through the game.

Cooking Craze Cheats & Tips

Cook & Setup in Advance- One thing that will definitely help you in Cooking Craze is to make sure you begin cooking in advance. You want to make sure that you have all of your items ready to go, and then click to put the ingredients in the right order. You do not want to wait until a customer orders to get all of your items together.

If there are things you can throw together now and then have on hand for an order, you should definitely be doing that. You can get some of the basic items together early, like a couple of the most common orders. This will help you later in the game when you have more complex orders with a lot of ingredients.

You also want to setup your stations before the orders start coming in, which includes things like refilling ingredients you have used so that you have enough for the next order. You also want to replace everything that is low before you begin, which allows you to not have to stop in the middle of cooking to get the refills for those ingredients.

Add Facebook & Friends- One thing you want to do in Cooking Craze is definitely link your Facebook account and add your friends. This is because your friends will be able to give you lives if you are running low. It will help you out if you can just ask one of your friends for a life, and then they can ask you and it can become a nice little life-saving measure.

Of course, there are other ways you can get more lives, such as the moving the time forward trick. Some people though enjoy playing the game with Facebook friends and having something in common on the Facebook Feed, so it really is up to you how you handle that.

Follow Upgrade Recommendations- In Cooking Craze, you want to make sure you are following the recommendations on what ingredients you should be upgrading. The game will tell you which ingredients you should focus on for the upgrades, and you really do not need to go around what the recommendations are. The more you go through the game, the more food items and ingredients you will have the option to upgrade. If you would rather do your own upgrades, then you should focus on the cheapest upgrades first and the most common ingredients that you use.

Work Hard on Previous Levels- As you go through Cooking Craze, you will be able to open up new restaurants. As these restaurants unlock, you will need to go back to the previous levels and ensure you have everything down before moving onto the new restaurant. You want to make sure that you know how everything works and you know where the ingredients are and how the upgrade process works.

You do not want to go just barely be getting through the levels and then immediately jump into the new unlocked restaurant. You want to basically master the levels you just got through before you head into a new challenge. The new unlocked restaurant will be more difficult and offer you more ingredients, so you have to be good at your job as a chef before you go out and explore the new restaurant.

One at a Time- If you have ever worked in a restaurant, then you know how hard it can be to serve everyone at once. In Cooking Craze, you want to make sure you are serving food one at a time, because it can get too crazy if you are trying to be everything to everyone. Your clients can wait a few minutes for their food items if you need to go out and serve food to someone else. If two clients are asking for the same thing, the game might serve the food to someone else automatically. This could be something in the game that you end up getting all confused about, but once you play you will see what I mean.

You do not want to try to randomly fill your customer orders, and going one at a time allows you the ability to get the game down and the food right for your customers. A happy customer with amazing food is what you want in the end. If you have worked in a restaurant before, then you will completely understand why focusing on one client at a time is so important for overall customer satisfaction.