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Coolpad VR 1x has been priced at Rs. 999 in India

Jun 26, 2016

Coolpad VR 1x has been priced at Rs. 999 in India: In India, Coolpad has launched a virtual reality headset for smartphone and it will be available from 24 June via Amazon India. The new VR Coolpad 1x has been priced at Rs. 999.Coolpad VR 1x

Coolpad VR 1x has been priced at Rs. 999 in India


  • The headsets sports ‘customisable lenses’ for optimized focus
  • The headset is available via Amazon India
  • With the headset, Coolpad joins OEMs like OnePlus, Intex and Lenovo.

The company says that the headset is meant for the Coolpad devices and it adds that the headset will work with any smartphone with the screen sizes between 4.7 to 5.7 inches with am HD resolution. The smartphone must also be equipped with a gyroscope, for it to work properly. The Coolpad devices i.e. the headset is officially compatible which include the Note 3 Lite, Note 3 Plus, Note 3 and Max.

The Chinese company says that its VR headset comes with the ‘customisable lenses’ that adjust the focal length, something it says that makes it comfortable to use for a long duration.

Syed Tajuddin the CEO of Coolpad India said that, ‘With the visual reality being the new fun gadget for the fast catching up with youth and Y generation, they are eager to enter this space and they will also offer the ‘Cool VR’ to their fans. This launch is in the line with their strategy to bring Coolpad’s accessories to Indian market and they will be soon unveiling other products in this growing segment like Smart Watch and Power Bank by 2016’.

He further said, ‘According to a recent report, by 2020 the global VR market is expected to touch the estimated $120 billion and India, with their huge smartphone base that is set to become the largest VR market. In India the timing is perfect for the launch of the wearable response and with their superior technology offering, they are confident in generating favorable response in this segment as well like they did in the smartphones segment’.

Some other smartphone manufacturers that have rolled out the VR headsets in India includes OnePlus, Lenovo and Intex.