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Cortana Android App Adds More Customization Features

Dec 31, 2016

If you have the Cortana app on your Android device, you might be interested to know that the app has once again updated on Android. There are now even more customization features for Cortana, which is nice for Android users looking to spice things up a bit.

Cortana Adds More Customization Features on Android

Cortana is the digital personal assistant from Microsoft, which has been a staple of Windows 10. Microsoft has pushed out a lot of apps and updates for apps onto the Android and iOS platforms this year, with apps like Cortana getting regular updates on Android. Now, another update has hit the Cortana app on Android, which will allow you to customize the app a little more than you could before. One area that Microsoft has lacked in when it comes to the personal assistant for Android is customization, which is still why a lot of people have chosen to use the Google assistant rather than Cortana.

When it comes to the newest Cortana update, the app has been changed so that you can choose a different color for your virtual assistant. We know that changing colors is not like a huge update or huge improvement, but it is just another way you can now customize Cortana like never before. We already told you a while back about how Cortana pushed out an update that changed the color scheme to purple, but now you have even more color options available on Android.

You will now be able to choose any of the four colors that Cortana now comes with, which include purple, green, black, and blue. This update right now is just on Android, as Cortana has not yet updated on iOS to include these changes. If you did not know already, Cortana is still limited on Android in terms of compatibility with Android devices. Cortana is also still not available in all countries, so you need to make sure you check Google Play to ensure that your country and device is compatible before you try to download Cortana to your Android device.

The ability to change Cortana’s accent color is actually a pretty big deal in terms of how Microsoft is changing the app around so that users will be able to customize the app as they see fit. If you want to change the accent color on Cortana, all you need to do is click on the Cortana logo which will be on the homepage. The accent color options will be right there in the customization screen, along with the other few customization options that Microsoft has put out there for the Cortana app on Android. Of course, you will need the latest version of Cortana in order to get the newest accent colors, so if you do not have the latest version you can head over to Google Play Store and download the newest update. You also can wait for the over-the-air update to hit your Android device, although it might happen in waves so if you do not get the update for a few days, you should not worry.

When it comes to the Android update for Cortana, there is actually some interest in this because Cortana does not even have these customization options on the Windows devices. Actually, Windows devices have not had a lot of the updates that Microsoft has put out there for Android. Microsoft might be using Android in order to test out the new features and customization options before they go over to the Windows 10 devices. If people on Android like the new customization options and features, they probably will tell Microsoft. This might help the company decide which updates to keep and which updates to toss when it comes to the updates for Windows 10 devices, but it is still not really known if or when Windows 10 devices will get these customization options like Android.

The overall design and look for Cortana on Android is pretty nice, and the updated color options also help make the app more positive and friendly. This update and the previous Android update actually make the app look a lot nicer as well, with more easy-to-use options and accessibility. You can see the entire Cortana app update and customization options by heading over to the Google Play Store now and downloading the new update for your Android device. You also can bet that more updates for Cortana on Android will be coming in the future, as it seems Microsoft is working on Android apps and updates more than other operating systems, including even the Windows 10 systems.