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Cortana Integration Part of Microsoft Launcher Android Update

Feb 12, 2018

Microsoft Launcher on Android just got a new update, and in this new update there is now Cortana integration. The new version of Microsoft Launcher is version 4.6, which is now live on Google Play Store. There is more going on in this update than just the Cortana integration though, such as new wallpaper abilities. Read on to learn more about the Microsoft Launcher Android update that just went live, and all of the new features you will find.

Cortana Integration Biggest Part of New Microsoft Launcher Update

The biggest part of the new Microsoft Launcher update for Android is the Cortana integration. To get the new integration, you will need to update your Microsoft Launcher to version 4.6. With the new Cortana integration, you can now use it the same way as the Cortana app that is out for Android. This means Cortana can help you make a phone call, change your wallpaper, read news headlines, and even schedule meetings. The Cortana integration allows for you to do everything that you can in the Cortana dedicated app right from Microsoft Launcher.

You can even use Cortana to launch various apps and send a text message. Voice searching and personalization of your phone are all possible with the Cortana integration. This means you can change the theme, accent color or wallpaper on your Android device from the Microsoft Launcher. You can send your pictures to your computer with Cortana, use Cortana to query up your meetings, and sync with the Launcher To-Do. There is nothing that you cannot do with the Cortana integration that you could do from the Cortana app, which is definitely a good thing. Reading news and controlling your system setting are now also possible from within Microsoft Launcher now.

New Microsoft Launcher Update Adds Wallpaper Along with Cortana Integration

Beyond the new Cortana integration, there is also an addition of wallpaper. You now have Daily Bing wallpaper that you can add to either your lock screen or your home screen. With the Daily Bing Wallpaper, you can even add it to both the lock screen and home screen at once. You will be able to take a picture from your mobile device and have it appear on your Windows PC. The update also allows you to setup your own personalized feed. This includes contacts, weather, news, and events on your calendar.

There is a people card and you can now choose which contacts go on this card. If you want to place a widget onto the dock, you can now do that as well. If you have a contact or searched app you want to pin to the home screen, you can also now pin those items to the home screen. All of these changes just add more ways you can customize and personalize your Android screen and device. As you might know, Microsoft Launcher is one of the best Android launchers out there. All of these new additions just make it an even better Launcher for you to try out.

Did you know there is also a universal search feature now too? This allows you to be in your phone and also look for something on the Internet at the same time. The new Cortana integration is available if you live inside of certain countries. This includes United States, Australia, China, Great Britain, and Canada. If you live in one of these countries, you can download the new Microsoft Launcher with Cortana integration right now.