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Cortana Support for Skype Added on iOS & Android

Oct 10, 2017

Microsoft has pushed out an update to Skype this week, and Cortana support has finally been added. We have been telling you for a while now that Microsoft has been focused on iOS and Android lately. The company has shifted away from the Windows phone and is moving to increase apps on both iOS and Android. The new Cortana support on Skype is just the latest addition from Microsoft, which owns both Skype and Cortana.

Cortana Support Implemented on iOS & Android Skype Apps

There is a new update on both the iOS and Android versions of Skype. This new update brings Cortana support to the Microsoft-owned Skype app. This is a huge update because artificial digital assistants are becoming a bigger part of the experience on mobile.

There are a ton of digital assistants out there, from Microsoft Cortana to Amazon Alexa and Apple Siri. We cannot forget about Google Assistant either or Bixby, which are all main players in the digital assistant world. These artificial intelligence assistants are improving the experience on both mobile and PC.

The new Cortana support inside of Skype is going to make it much easier to communicate with others. Cortana will be able to give you quick suggestions on what to say during the chats. The suggestions will be based off of what the conversation is about. An example would be if you were asked a yes or no question, Cortana could offer up yes or no as an answer.

The Cortana support is also going to be great because it will allow you to see all kinds of other related information. If you are talking about a restaurant with your friend, Cortana will be there to help. Cortana could give you information like the phone number or reviews of the restaurant that you are talking about. Cortana support also can allow you to see your reminders and set event reminders in your calendar.

Microsoft Cortana Support a Huge Addition to Skype Mobile Apps

When it comes to adding Cortana support in Skype, this is going to be a huge plus for both iOS and Android. The added support of Cortana will allow you to also talk to Cortana. You can ask her questions while in the Skype app and she will answer you.

The questions could be something such as what the score is in the football game. You could ask about the weather or the best places that you should check out to grab some food. It appears that for now, the Cortana support within Skype is going to be just for those in the United States. The feature is not outside of America as of right now.

We can expect that Cortana support will be added in Skype for other countries in the future. There has not been talk of it expanding outside of America though. Even without the talk, we know Microsoft will definitely add the Cortana support for Skype in other locations as well. We just do not know when that will be or if it will be to both the iOS and Android version. If you have Skype on your iOS or Android device, the update with Cortana support should be rolling out now. If you still do not have Microsoft Skype on your device, you can head to either Google Play or Apple’s App Store and download it now for free.