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Creo Mark 1 Review

May 6, 2016

Creo Mark 1 Review: The Creo Mark 1 was designed in Bengaluru by promising to be a new phone every month. The Creo Mark 1 was able to impress us with the output of the very young company, but also wishing that things could just be a little better.Creo Mark 1

Creo Mark 1 Review

The company behind Mark 1 has previously made only two other products i.e. the Chromecast like Teewe dongle and the Teewe 2. Creo had decided to launch the Mark 1 at the budget flagship of price Rs. 20,000, so it faces a tough competition.


The Creo Mark 1 looks like the Sony Xperia Z3 and it has similar rounded edges on an otherwise brick like shape and the features are round chrome buttons are on the right. Unlike the Xperia Z3, this phone also lacks in dustproofing and waterproofing and also it is fairly chunky a phone for 2016.Creo Mark 1 Looks

That is necessarily not a drawback, since we have been complaining that as the phone gets thinner, then they are less comfortable to hold but a 5.5 inch display is also a pretty broad with the slightly thick side borders. The new Mark 1 is closer in size with a typical phablet.Creo Mark 1 Buttons

The front is a glossy slab with the three capacitive buttons near the bottom. In the settings app the functions of the buttons can be customized and that is why they don’t have some specific icons- all the three are just the plain circles. Near the top there is the front camera and volume buttons and circular power are on the right. With two trays near the top the left is plain – the first is for a Nano-SIM or micro SD card and the second is for the Micro-SIM. On the left lower down, there is space given where you can have up to 40 characters of the text engraved while you are buying the device.Creo Mark 1 Design

At the bottom it has the Micro-USB charging port and the 3.5 mm audio socket is on the top. There are no sharp edges. It has 5.5 inch screen and it is bright and colourful.


In terms of the hardware the Mark 1 has the following contents:

  • It packs a 1.95 GHz octa-core MediaTek Helio X10 SoC
  • RAM of 3GB
  • Storage of 32 GB and it can be expanded by upto 128 GB
  • It is powered by a 3100mAh battery
  • It has rear camera of 21 megapixel
  • Front camera of 8 megapixel


The camera is the only one area where the Creo Mark 1 is quite better on paper than it is in real life. With no issues the front is fine. However, the rear camera of 21 megapixel is a little bit unreliable. We found that the camera work much better in the daylight i.e. at the outdoors than in the low light conditions.Creo Mark 1 Captured Img Creo Mark 1 Captured Img 2

The Creo’s default camera app offers some of the really nice tweaks. It consists of a number of modes like slow motion, panorama and 3D photos. The camera locks the focus and takes the picture very quickly.

In the lower light the photos become the worse. The 3D and panorama mode photos are easy to take but the results were less appealing in both the cases.


On paper the phone has a good set of specifications, but Creo Mark 1 could not able to set our benchmark charts on fire. For example, its Quadrant gave us 9,034, GFXBench T-Rex ran at just 11 fps and AnTuTu benchmark score was 4,206.Creo Mark 1 Camera

  • The downside we faced was the number of a random bugs.
  • In our standard video loop test the battery was lasted only about 6 hours.
  • Unfortunately, the Creo Mark 1 cannot be used for the VR now
  • The phone also heats up a lot while charging


The Creo Mark 1 is the phone that is easy to like it looks that are physically appealing and the software customisations are thoughtful. But the Mark 1 has the potential and it makes the phone more frustrating when you come across bugs and various issues like as VR-related problems and the random freezing.