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Crosswords with Friends Cheats Guide 2018

Jun 7, 2017

Crosswords with Friends was just updated on May 2, 2017, and this update brings the game to everyone worldwide. Beyond that, we are going to tell you more about the game, including what it is all about. We are also going to tell you some tips and tricks to help you if you are playing Crosswords with Friends.

When it comes to Crosswords with Friends, this is a game developed by Zynga and is available for free on both iOS and Android. Zynga teamed up with People Magazine in order to bring you some of the best puzzles every day of the year. Each day is a theme, such as Movie Monday and Wayback Wednesday. There are even celebrity puzzles thanks to People Magazine, which allows you to test your celebrity and entertainment knowledge.

Beyond that, Zynga is the company behind Words with Friends, so you can play between both games and compete with your friends. This is an English-only game, and you get a ton of helpful hints in the game if you get stuck. Of course, you only get so many free hints, if you want more you will have to purchase the from within the app. If you love expanding your vocabulary and competing with friends in cool word games, then Crosswords with Friends is a great choice. Continue reading to learn about some of the best tips and tricks that you can use in this game regardless of which mobile platform you are playing on.

Crosswords with Friends Cheats, Tips & Hacks

Use the Hints When Needed– One thing you definitely want to do if you are playing Crosswords with Friends is to use the hints you are given. You get three hints per puzzle in the game, and it will cost some coins in order to use them. These hints are going to really help you out if you get stuck. You might not even need to use them all because each hint will give you more information about the puzzle. The first hint will tell you where you entered a letter wrong, which might be all you need to figure out the puzzle.

You will get 10 free letters if you use the second hint. The third hint will actually tell you the word if you are really stuck. The only bad thing here is that if you use the hints, it will lower your score. If you are competing against friends, this is obviously something you do not want since the goal is to get the highest score. Even though it does lower your score, using the hints when you need to is always wise.

Answer Easy Words First– If you are having trouble in Crosswords with Friends, it is a good idea to focus on the easier words that you know. When you can figure out the easy words, it will help you when it comes down to figuring out the harder words. The more answers you give in Crosswords with Friends, the easier it will be to figure out all of the puzzles and figure them all out. Do not just stick with the harder words, go around those and focus on the easier ones first.

Take Your Time– In Crosswords with Friends, there is no time limitations so you do not want to rush in this game. Crosswords with Friends is all about who has the highest score, so finishing first does nothing to increase your score. You want to take your time and actually think about each of the answers. You also want to take your time and really think about the answers before you decide to compete with other people. This is mostly because your score is the determining factor in winning, so there is no advantage to just entering in words as fast as you can.

Choose Your Best Categories- When it comes to Crosswords with Friends, you want to choose the categories that you know first. These categories will ensure you get the highest score possible. If you are competing with friends then you will want to choose the categories you know before the ones you do not know. The categories change every day in Crosswords with Friends, and there are also weekly challenges that change as well. Focusing on the categories you know and can answer easiest is the best way to get a high score and get cool rewards. The better score you have the better the rewards, so make sure you are always aiming for the highest score.

Clues Help Often– In Crosswords with Friends, you will get a lot of clues. These clues will help you figure out the puzzles. You always can choose to pass and move onto other clues if you are not sure of what the puzzle is. If you are stuck on the word, make sure you really think about the clues because they will often help you figure out the word. Sometimes you will not need to use the clues or really think about the clues because the word will be easy to figure out.

As you go through the game though, the clues might end up coming in handy. You also will want to use the clues because they will be useful when competing with friends since your score is the main goal of this game. The more you play the game the more you will also notice that the clues will really show you the way, you just might have to stop and think about them for a little bit.