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Custom Quick Settings for Android Gets Huge Update

Dec 27, 2016

When it comes to Android 7.0 Nougat, there were quite a few new features added to the Android operating system. One of the key changes was that there is a quick settings panel that can be edited and customized based on your preferences. Now, the app Custom Quick Settings has decided to take Android Nougat up on the offer to expand with new customizable features and options.

Custom Quick Settings Version 2 Gets Massive Android Update

Custom Quick Settings just released an update to the app, now being on Version 2.0 on Android. There are quite a few changes that Custom Quick Settings has made to the newest version of the app, with a lot of the changes happening because of the capabilities in Android Nougat 7.0. You will now notice things like tiles that are more powerful, and more control over these tiles in your user interface.

User Interface Changes– One of the most noticeable changes when it comes to Custom Quick Settings Version 2 is that you now have two screens that show up in the customization view option. One of these screens is for the more advanced users of the Android app, and it allows you to customize various parts of the app. You can set various custom states, labels, icons, add and change actions and so much more. The other screen in customization view is for the simple tiles and the presets.

Tile Action Changes– When you look at the tiles, you will notice that the update allows you to create multiple actions for the same tile. You can then go back and forth on the actions just by clicking them. This means that you will be able to make your tiles act like a light switch, allowing them to turn on or off various functions just by clicking the button. All of the preset tiles will also be able to react to the changes in the state, which is pretty cool. You will no longer have to deal with Tasker when it comes to trying to get your tiles to do various activities.

Clickable Widget– You now have a Click Widget option on this app, and it allows you to toggle the apps that are not made with shortcuts. The app still has to have the widget in order for this new Click Widget function to work. You can just set the widgets to automatically click whenever you want, and that is a definite advantage for many Android users.

Live Tiles- Another cool feature on the Custom Quick Settings app update is that you now have Live Tiles. These tiles will tell you things like the current weather, along with various settings about your Android device. You can see the internal storage space, external storage space, RAM that is free, and the CPU speed of your Android device. You will also see your battery life and how your battery is functioning, with the ability to see what apps or settings are taking up battery space. If you click the Live Tile, it will open up with more information about what you are viewing, such as RAM or storage.

No Spam Tiles– A really nice thing about this update is that it gets rid of the spam tiles. You will now be able to see all of the tiles you need on Android Nougat. You can go to the Edit Tiles Screen and this will allow you to see all of the tiles as the options.

Compatibility Checker- The additional feature with this app is that you have a lot better compatibility checker to work with. This will be very useful for Android users that need to check compatibility of various apps and settings. Some people had a hard time figuring out the first version of the checker, so the update gives you a much more suitable compatibility checker that works great.

Removing Tiles Easier– Removing tiles also got much easier with this update. You can now remove the tiles easier no matter which version of Android you are running. You do not need to drag the tiles anymore with this update, and removing tiles is done automatically with the new update.

These are just some of the biggest changes that you will find in Custom Quick Settings Version 2, which is available now for all Android devices. The update has basically been fully re-written according to the developer of the app. This means that the entire app is like brand new with new looks and features. If you were not a fan of Custom Quick Settings the first time around, you might want to check out the app again since it is essentially an entirely new product. You will love the new editing interface which allows you to create various actions on all of the tiles you want.

When it comes to Custom Quick Settings Version 2, it will work with any Android device, but if you are running Android Nougat 7.0, you will notice more features and options available. You can also get more tiles, but they are available through the root option only. If you have an Android device, this is one of those apps that you will find very useful, especially if you like the ability to customize your Android experience through the settings and various options that are not shown typically via the regular Settings options. You can find the newest version of Custom Quick Settings in Google Play Store or you can wait for the over-the-air update if you already have this app installed on your Android device.