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Dark Mode Hits YouTube iOS & Android Apps

Mar 14, 2018

Good news if you have YouTube on your mobile device because dark mode has finally come to the mobile apps. The new dark mode can be found on both the iOS YouTube app and will soon be coming to the Android app. As you might already know, the dark mode was already on the website version of YouTube. The dark theme was added on the website about a year ago, and ever since, the mobile users have been requesting the feature. If you have YouTube on your iOS or Android device, read on to learn about the new dark theme being rolled out right now.

Dark Mode Comes to YouTube iOS & Android

It has been a long time in the making, but the iOS and Android YouTube apps will finally be getting the dark mode. Since people have seen this mode on the website version for a while now, there has been a lot of requests for it on mobile. The iOS version is rolling out now, with the Android version rolling out shortly. Dark mode is becoming more commonplace in the mobile world, since it allows you to see better at night. The colors in the user-interface are changed so that there is no longer just the white background. The background now is a darker color, which allows you to see much better at night.

YouTube has been playing with the darker mode for a while on the mobile apps, since it has been in testing for a few months now. YouTube never did actually come out and say that dark mode was coming, but it seemed very possible once testing was rolling out. A ton of other popular apps have already released a darker mode, including Twitter, Reddit, Telegram X, Overcast, and many others. The dark theme is great for people who enjoy reading or watching videos late at night, since that blue glare is no longer present on the screen. Your eyes are more likely to adjust to the darker colors when it is dark outside.

Dark Mode on YouTube Has Been Long Requested

Since a ton of other apps have had the darker theme for a while now, it has been something the YouTube community has asked for. One of the most requested features was the addition of this dark theme. It would make sense people would want this since the other popular social apps have already received this feature.

Considering how big YouTube is, you would have thought that they would have been one of the first apps to embrace this new darker theme. Either way, we are just happy that YouTube has finally decided to add this helpful feature to the mobile apps. We know that many people enjoy looking at their mobile devices while in bed before going to sleep.

How to Get Dark Mode on YouTube iOS App

It is very easy to get the new darker mode on your iOS device, and we imagine the same format will be used with Android. For iOS, simple head on over to the account icon, and then go into the settings. There will be an option that says “Dark Theme” and just toggle this to enable it. You can go in and turn it on and off whenever you would like.

We do not know when it will be coming to Android, although YouTube said it would be coming very soon. If you are on Android, I would look for this new darker theme to hit within the next couple weeks. Tell us in the comments what you think of the darker themes for these apps. Does it help you when you are looking at apps later into the night? Can you tell your eyes are not straining as hard with the dark mode? Are you happy that YouTube has finally gotten with the program and added the dark theme to the iOS and Android apps?