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Dark Souls III’s Game Released date not confirmed yet

Apr 12, 2016

Dark Souls III’s Game Released date not confirmed yet: Except in Japan, the whole world stores are going to be hit by the new action role- playing game The DARK SOULS 3 on April 12, barring Japan because the game has been already released on March 24 there but the India was slated to get this new action game on the same time. But this case is not seeming to be going now anymore.Dark Souls III's Game

Dark Souls III’s Game Released date not confirmed yet

Customers who were eagerly waiting for this game now will have to wait for sometimes. As the game was releasing on April 12 before but now it has been told by the local stores that they have to wait for the game as it has been delayed to 20 April. On the other hand, some were informed that it will be available on April 18.

Right now, Dark Souls 3 listings for this game on websites like The Shop is showing up as “TBA-Slight Delay”. Right now the chain of these specialist games has been running by E-xpress Interactive and in India this company is the distributors of the games. Also other retailers like FlipKart and Amazon have stopped taking the pre-orders last week because they were going to reopen them today.

On the other side the distributor of the games has not yet commented on the status of the availability of the game. Something similar has been told to us by a call to our ‘The Shop Game’ outlet. But at the moment no reason for the delay has been given. But the game is most likely to be available between April 15 to April 18.

Yes, with the flurry of various positive reviews you’d think that the Dark Souls 3 would make it on time in India. But yes this is not a case that has happened for the first time. With other games in the past this has already happened from the publisher Bandai Namco such as a game like Project Cars. But you cannot blame the Japanese company’s hesitation because India is not being alone a market for huge demands of RPG’s.

At last we are expecting that Dark Souls 3 to be slick albeit a familiar experience and it might not be the last games in the series of fantastic and thrilling games.