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Day of Infamy Hits Steam & Gets Immediate Updates

Mar 26, 2017

Good news if you have a Steam account as a new game just left Steam Early Access and has finally launched on Steam. The game we are talking about is Day of Infamy, which is a game developed by New World Interactive. You might have heard of New World Interactive before because they are the company behind the popular game Insurgency. We have all of the latest details about the Day of Infamy launch on Steam so keep reading to learn more.

Day of Infamy Launches on Steam

We are happy to let you know that Day of Infamy has finally officially been launched on Steam.  The game just left Steam Early Access and is completely playable via Steam. If you have never heard of Day of Infamy before, it is a multiplayer and co-operative shooter game that takes place during World War 2. In this game, you are in the center of the war on the battlegrounds of Western Europe and Southern Europe.

Day of Infamy includes over 10 maps, 70 historical weapons, 9 different player classes, and 10 different game modes which are objective-based. The maps in the game include areas like snow-covered forest lands, cities that are torn up because of war, various beaches, and even farm villages. In Day of Infamy, your goal is to capture various areas, steal intelligence from the enemies, and assassinate the officers. In Day of Infamy, you also will need to destroy things like fuel dumps and radio communication centers.

When it comes to first-person shooter games, Day of Infamy really nails the gameplay, design, and mechanics on the head. The multiplayer battles are really cool because you have both the smaller scaled operations and also the larger-scale operations where you need a ton of reinforcements. If you are someone that likes multiplayer games on Steam, you will love how Day of Infamy includes these types of battles.

Day of Infamy Gets Updates on Steam

Along with the full release of Day of Infamy on Steam, we also see that the game is already getting updates via the hotfix. In terms of what updates and hotfixes the game has just received, one of the fixes was those units that were unlocked. These units that are now unlocked will work correctly with the hotfix, and the icons also will work. We also see that there was a glitch with the bipod that is also now fixed.

You also will get some new features with the update, including new uniforms for the 352 and various Divisions in the game. There is also new features and fixes for the layout on publishing and some mod fixing. These are just some of the updates and new features that have come to Day of Infamy as it leaves Steam Early Access and becomes officially available through the Steam Store.

If this game sounds cool to you, you can head over to the NewWorldInteractive YouTube channel to see the official trailer. There is also a new gameplay trailer out which shows the action you will find in the game, including the flame-trooper. The new gameplay trailer will show the flame-trooper in action and it will show you how this weapon can be used to get the enemies out when you are in the middle of urban combat.

Day of Infamy is available on the Steam Store for $19.99 and the game has a very positive Steam rating as of right now. There will likely be even more fixes and updates hitting Day of Infamy on Steam in the near future too, so if there are still a few issues with the game then do not worry because they will all be getting fixed in the upcoming updates.

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