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Day One Journaling App Update for iOS Brings Today View & More

Aug 13, 2020

You may have heard about Day One before, since it’s only one of the most popular journaling apps out there for iOS and Mac. This journaling app will work on the iPad and iPhone or iPod Touch. If you haven’t heard, it’s very popular with people of all ages. A lot of people find that writing things down in a journal gives them a safe way to put down their feelings and thoughts.

If that sounds like you, then you might be happy to know about the Day One journal app for iOS. A new version of Day One was released, which brings the app to version 5.0. We’ve got all of the latest details about what you’ll find in this update. You can read on to learn all about this significant update.

Day One Journaling App Adds Today View in Update for iOS

Day One for iOS is one of the most popular out of all of the journal apps available for the iOS platform, and it works on Mac too. This app just received an update, which brings the app to version 5.0. The biggest change you’ll notice in this app is that a Today View has been added to the app. Today View is going to replace the Activity Feed and it will also have more functionality than the old Activity Feed.

Today View replaces Activity Feed and you’ll notice that it basically will aggregate all kinds of information for you so it’s all in one place. With Today View, you will have access to your calendar, events, photos, and location data. All of this information is stored in Today View with this update. This allows you to see all of this information immediately when you open up the app. It provides you much quicker access to this information. We know it will help you increase your productivity as well. The new Today View also will help you manage your personal and professional life better.

Today View will give you the opportunity to see what’s going on in your life. You can even look at events that have already happened. There is an “On this day” area where you’ll be able to see what you did or where you were on that specific date in the previous years. It’s super convenient to be able to look at everything you’ve added into the journal. Not only that, but it makes the journaling more of a memorable experience with these enhancements.

Day One Journaling App for iOS Redesigns Media Picker

While the new Today View is definitely the highlight of the update, that isn’t the only change in Day One we wanted to tell you about. The media picker was redesigned in the app, which is going to give you even quicker access to the photo and camera. You can now switch between the camera and photo library with ease using the redesigned media picker.

It’s going to allow you to add various media into the journal entry without the hassle and it’s a lot more intuitive than before! Whether you want to add videos or pictures, it’s going to be easier than ever with the media picker redesign.

Another cool addition to Day One is that the PDF export has been redesigned as well. This will give you more control over the data that you want to export. You also will have the option to export that data into a CSV file. Having the option to export to CSV will definitely going to come in handy! Having more control over the types of data that you want to export is going to be useful. This is especially true if you just want to export certain types of data.

Day One Journaling App for iOS Adds Sign in With Apple Option

Lastly, you’ll find that in version 5 of Day One, there is a new Sign in with Apple option available. This means you can now use Day One and create an account but not have to worry about your password or login. It’s going to make using the app much easier than before and it’s always good when you don’t have to worry about a password or username for an app. If you enjoy apps that use the Sign in with Apple feature, then you’ll love this update for Day One.

You can get Day One on Mac or through Apple’s App Store for your iPad, iPhone, and even iPod Touch today. If you already have the app on your device, you should see the update rolling out this week. It should be a fairly quick roll out so you shouldn’t have to wait weeks to see this update on your device. You also could just head to the App Store and download this new update manually if you wish.

Once you’ve had a chance to check out this new update, we want to hear from you in the comments below. We value what you think of the update so check it out and the new features. Do you like the new Today View and do you think it’s cool to see what you’ve done in the past on that particular day?

Are you someone that regularly journals and do you currently use this app for all of your journaling needs? Do you think journaling your thoughts helps you relieve some of your anxieties and fears? Are you someone that has to journal just to get certain things out of your system? What do you think this app could add to improve it even more? Lastly, are you someone that regularly uses the Sign in with Apple feature and are you glad that it’s finally available on this app?