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December Security Bulletin Now Live on Android Devices

Dec 5, 2017

Google just released the December Security Bulletin for Android. This is great news because if you have an Android device, you definitely want to download the newest patch. The December Security Bulletin will protect you against some of the most common vulnerabilities and issues plaguing Android devices. Right now, Pixel and Nexus devices should be getting the update. Even the non-Google devices will be getting the update, although it will be later on.

December Security Bulletin Update Rolling Out on Android

If you have a Pixel or Nexus device, you likely will be seeing the Android December Security Bulletin rolling out in the next day or two. The OEM and non-Google devices will also get the update, but probably not for a couple more weeks. There are so many vulnerabilities in this December Security Bulletin, most of which are moderate and high-level patches. The good news is that it seems like this is the first time in a long time where there are no critical updated in the patch. That is definitely good news because it shows Google is making progress on getting the more critical updates fixed.

Since the December Security Bulletin fixes high-level and the moderate-level vulnerabilities, this is good for those who have to wait. You will not be missing out on the critical updates and that is definitely a good thing. There is one moderate-level vulnerability with the Broadcom components. The other issues are with media framework, which is common for these security updates. If you have had an Android device for a while, then you know about all of these minor issues.

There are also other issues that will be fixed with this update, including issues with the NVIDIA components. MediaTek components are also seeing some fixes in the December Security Bulletin. Qualcomm is also among the fixes coming in this update, which is good news for everyone. The Qualcomm components have been part of the lingering set of issues that Google has had to work on.

December Security Bulletin for Android Released Now

The OTA images and the Factory images have not been pushed out quite yet. This time around, the December Security Bulletin was released first. It seems though, that Verizon already had pushed out the update ahead of the OTA and Factory images release. This means that those using a Verizon Pixel device will get the update first.

We do not know when Google will be releasing the December Security Bulletin for Pixel, Pixel 2, Pixel XL, or the Pixel 2XL. It likely will be live sometime today, which is around the time it usually is posted. Since the update contains no critical vulnerabilities, this means you do not need to worry about downloading the security patch right this second. Even though there are no critical vulnerabilities, you still should download the security bulletin within the next couple weeks.

We do not know when the other devices are going to get the Factory images available. It appears that just right now the Pixel devices do have the Factory images. The OTA download is still yet to come, since what is available now are just the flash images. You can keep your eyes on the Google Security Bulletin page for more information.

Remember that the manufacturers of the Android devices determine when the updates are pushed out. The only group that is going to get the update as soon as it is released is the devices that are by Google itself. We will keep you informed if we hear more information about when other devices will be getting the December Security Bulletin. Hopefully, within the next week or two, most Android devices will have received this patch.