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Despicable Bear Updated: New Weapons & Elements

Jun 23, 2017

Despicable Bear is a free iOS game in which you have to try to bear up the little bear as much as you can. This game was just updated to version 1.2 on May 7, 2017, and in this update there are a few cool new features to check out. In this update there are new weapons and also new elements. The new weapons and elements you will find include the Black Bomb, Paintball Gun, Keyboard, Cactus, and Xpogo.

Beyond all of the new items that come with this update, we thought we would tell you a little more about Despicable Bear. We are also going to tell you about some of the best tips, cheats, and hints that you can use if you are playing the game to help you figure out and progress through this eccentric game.

You might be wondering what Despicable Bear is all about since this game is definitely interesting in terms of the goal of the game. The real goal of the game is simple, since all you need to do is think of creative ways to beat up the little bear. In Despicable Bear, the bear is cartoonish, and you will need to use all types of items to beat him up. You will be able to earn tickets, gems, and coins in the game as well. These coins, tickets, and gems are then used to purchase more crazy items from inside of the game store that you can use as a weapon to hit your bear.

Whether it is weapons that explode, guns, knives and even wild animals, you can use nearly anything to beat up the bear. The more creative you are with the weaponry, the better Despicable Bear is to play. If this sounds like a fun game you would like to try, read on to learn about some of the tips and tricks we can tell you about that could help you through the game.

Despicable Bear Cheats & Tips

Switch Up Weapons- One trick we can tell you about when it comes to Despicable Bear, is that you want to switch up your weapons as much as you can. If you switch up your weapons you will earn more coins. You will actually earn less coins by killing the bear consecutively with the same weapon, so it is in your best interest to switch it up. If you use one weapon and then another, the coin earnings will end up resetting so that you get the regular value for them. You should not kill the bear twice in a row with the same weapon if you want to earn the most coins.

Getting New Weapons- Speaking of coins, coins are the best way to get the new weapons in Despicable Bear. You also can use the ticket pack fragments in order to buy a weapon. If you are looking for the rare weapons, they are the secret weapons. These rare weapons are going to be the most powerful weapons available, and you need to use a purple ticket to get those rare weapons.

Even though the rare secret weapons should be purchased with a purple ticket, you can get a few of them unlocked throughout the game. The way or the time that the rare weapons unlock though is all random, so there is no rhyme or reason behind it. You can purchase purple tickets with real money in the game, but it will cost you $1 for each ticket.

Rapid Kill With Multiple Fingers- One cool trick we can tell you about in Despicable Bear is the trick of using multiple fingers. It depends on the weapon you are using, but if you are using a gun like the Beretta you can rapid fire. You will need to tap to get the gun to show up, and then once you do that you can just drag that finger to aim your gun at the bear. If you want rapid fire, you should be tapping with multiple fingers, which then will cause a gun to appear from every finger you use. If you do this with all fingers then you will have five guns, and this is a way to rapid fire and quickly kill the bear.

The Bear is In Motion– While you might think this game sounds like a point-and-shoot type of killing game, that is not the case at all. When you play Despicable Bear, you have to be aware that the bear will always be moving, especially when you begin going in for the attack. You have to aim in order to shoot your weapons, and it is hard to aim when the bear is in motion.

The bear could be going from right to left or he could be running away or simply pulling off some defensive moves. There is also a physics aspect in this game because the bear could fall right or left depending on which way you are tilting your iOS device. This means he could be even more elusive. The trick is to make sure he is stuck in a corner and then you can begin to attack him once he is cornered. If you do not have the bear cornered, it will be almost impossible to kill him easily or quickly.

Time Lapse Cheat- You might already know by now about the time lapse cheat that you can use in many games. Despicable Bear is no different in that you can use the time lapse cheat in this game too. That is basically where you go into your Settings and change the time manually to move hours ahead of the real time. This works well in Despicable Bear if you are trying to get free tickets and get the free tickets in a certain time frame.

The free tickets come after so many hours, but if you do not want to wait those hours, use the time lapse cheat to collect multiple tickets at once. You will then be able to go back into Despicable Bear after moving up the time, have an entire stash of free tickets, and then you can buy a lot more cool weaponry quicker than just saving a ticket up at a time.

Developers are not really fond of the time lapse cheat, but really, there is not a whole lot they could do. Although, we have to end this with a disclaimer that since developers frown upon the time lapse cheat, there is always a risk of being banned from the game if you are found out.