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Developer Ran Item Store Rust Opens on Steam

Nov 6, 2015

If you are a gamer who is currently using Steam, then you might be be excited to know that there is a new feature up on Steam, which is available right now. This new option, which is called the Rust Store, is on Steam right now and it is offering you various items for the games that you are playing. The Rust Item Store includes firearms and clothing that you can purchase in the game with real money, and this is currently in the alpha state.


The Rust Store page on Steam is the first and only implementation up to this point of “Item Stores” which is a very new function available on Steam in the latest update. This new Item Store called Ruse enables the community creators and the developers to sell various in-game items directly to the Steam players. The Rust Item Store is going to be available to all Steam players alongside the Community Market, and you will notice that there will be quite a difference in price between the Community Market and the Rust Item Store.

An example of the price differences include that you can get a Red Shine Pistol on Steam in the Rust Item Store and in the Community Market. If you check in the Rust Item Store, the Red Shine Pistol is around $3 but if you check the Community Market, the price is about $5, so there is definitely a need to check out both stores if you are wanting to purchase items on Steam and want to get the best deal.

One of the reasons why you might notice that the Rust Item Store is most often cheaper than the Community Market is that on the Rust Item Store the items are sold directly to the players. You can think of this as being similar to in real life how if you buy products from the wholesaler instead of the retail store, as buying items directly from the person gives you the better deal than going through a third-party store such as a retail or grocery store. While a lot of items might be cheaper in the Rust Item Store, there are instances where the Community Market will be cheaper, so you basically should check out both stores on Steam before you decide which store to buy from, especially if you are someone who does not have much money and since the Rust Item Store uses real money, you will want to make sure you get the better deal for the in-game items.

The Rust Item Store will have the market prices right alongside the listing, which helps makes it more clear to everyone on Steam which price is lower. You will also notice that on the Rust Item Store, items will come and go, with sometimes items being out of stock, and they might or might not come back into the store depending on the demand of the item and availability of the items from the developers and the community creators. Garry Newman, Facepunch Studios mastermind talked about this recently, adding that while items will come and go from the Rust Item Store, they will always be on the Community Market Store as long as people are out there selling them. Newman also said that the Rust Item Store features various studio-made items as well, which are “tests for the system” but the majority of items featured in the Rust Item Store are mainly community-created items.

Newman also said that the Rust Item Store does have some similarities to the paid mods situation that caused a lot of people to be upset on Steam earlier in the year, but the products mostly are cosmetic. The Rust Item Store also does have random time drop in the game, which means that some of the cosmetic items are put out there randomly, and this means no one will be excluded from the process. Newman said he had spoken to a lot of mods who were wanting the choice to sell their mods themselves, and that Valve or the people on Reddit should not make this decision.


He did acknowledge that the fiasco with the paid mods launch on Skyrim did give people a negative vision of what this would look like, and he hoped it would come back to show the real potential it has on Steam.

It is likely that a player can make even more money by selling their items through the Rust Item Store than what the person paid for the game, so there is a real chance here for the Rust Item Store to take off and help players earn back some money, which Valve hopes is put back into the Steam community by purchasing more games and items.