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Devil Ninja 2 Hack & Tips for Ball, Lives, & Weapons – New Cheats Available

Jun 7, 2018

Do you enjoy arcade-style, hack n’ slash gaming? If you do, Devil Ninja 2 is the perfect mobile game for you! Created by Droid Studios, Devil Ninja 2 has a rating of 4.4/5 stars and over 210,000 downloads on the Google Play store, which is quite impressive for a mobile game developer group with only a handful of somewhat successful releases. Devil Ninja 2  is an endless runner that demands quick thinking and razor-sharp reflexes; many enemies stand in your way, and it’s your job to cut down whatever lies in your path. Can you stand up to the demon horde? Download Devil Ninja 2 today and find out for yourself! You can download it from the Google Play Store.

The main goal in Devil Ninja 2 is to reach the end of the long path, beating all of the bosses along the way. While there is a small progress bar at the bottom of the screen that displays a start and end, your position, and the position of level bosses, I’m not sure that the “end” is actually a point where you stop, or if you can keep running indefinitely, or at least until you die. In any case, you probably won’t make it that far without hours upon hours of practice; a wide variety of monsters and demons from the depths of hell stand in your way and wish to halt you in your tracks. You’ll have to employ your swordsmanship skills and magical powers to defeat these enemies and continue on your journey to the end of the game.

As with most endless runners, the controls for Devil Ninja 2 are very simple; two buttons (one in each lower corner of your screen) are used for attacking and jumping, and all you have to do is tap them at the right moment. You have the ability to double jump, and your main attack is swinging your sword. Your enemies will be both in the air and on the ground, so attacking in mid-air is something you will have to do quite often. If you need to attack enemies at range, you can hold down the attack button for a short amount of time until your character has a red aura, then releasing to throw a large “dart” than can blow through several enemies. If you hold down the attack button for even longer, your character will acquire a golden aura, which indicates that your character will release a fiery sword slash when you release the attack button. In the upper-left corner you will find your health bar, and above that is the number of lives you currently have. To the right of this are your energy bars, your dart cache, energy ball storage, and the meter that shows the distance you’ve ran on your current attempt. Along the way, you might notice that the ground is strewn with spike barricades, and the ground often gives way to massive pits. It probably goes without saying, but running into the hazards will do you no good; the former will harm you, and the latter will kill you. Either way, keep an eye on where your character is headed if you want to stay alive.

There are a few different pick-ups in Devil Ninja 2, the most notable and common of which being the blue and red energy balls,  red “dart” pickups, and the golden “dart” pickups. The energy balls fill your energy bars of the respective color; once you fill these bars, you unlock a super that sends a chinese dragon flying towards your enemies, incinerating everything that gets in the way. As you might guess, these are very useful indeed for helping to clear enemies when things start getting a bit crazy. The red dart pickups give you a limited amount of darts to use; these darts are smaller than the dart from your charge attack, and these darts can be thrown in rapid succession. Once you gain darts, you’ll automatically throw them each time you press the attack button. The golden dart pickup is actually a power that you use automatically whenever you receive the pickup. Your body will turn into a fiery golden spiral that floats up and down, smiting each werewolf and demon gargoyle that has the misfortune of crossing your path. While in this form, you’re completely invincible, but this only lasts for a short time before you’re brought back to your normal form. As you can see, Devil Ninja 2 has many features that will keep you entertained for quite some time.

Cheats & Tips for Devil Ninja 2

Go Shopping for Weaponry– If you visit the in-game store, you can actually purchase the various pickups and powers within Devil Ninja 2 using the energy balls you pick up in the game. No IAP in Devil Ninja 2, just pure, free fun! You can also purchase upgrades for your sword, which will increase the power of your charge attacks.


Advanced Mode– If you go to the screen where you press start to enter the game, you’ll see small button with text on the right that says “Advanced Mode”. This button, along with the tip above, is the cheat that will radically improve your gameplay with little to no effort at all on your part. While darts will be thrown and powers will be used automatically in the standard mode of gameplay, Advanced Mode actually gives you the option to store these powers and extra weaponry until you need them. This is done by dedicating a button to each specific power (and dart-shooting), which means you can use them exactly when you want to, unlike the standard mode where you have no choice whether to use your swords or darts whenever you get a dart pickup.

Defeating Bosses– The first thing you need to successfully beat every boss is to use Advanced Mode every single time you play (for reasons outlined above). This allows you to store you special powers and weapons, which you can then unleash upon the boss monster all at once. If you can release as much firepower onto the boss as possible within the shortest amount of time possible, you’ll potentially take less damage which will allow you to travel farther on the amount of health you have left. I find the darts to be very useful in themselves for defeating bosses, as all you have to do is release a constant stream of darts that will shred everything in front of you to pieces, and all the darts that don’t find a home in the bodies of werewolves or demons will eventually defeat the boss. Advanced Mode is the best cheat you can use for Devil Ninja 2, and it’s almost as good as hacking if you use it right!


Achievement Unlocked: Paper Shredder– While it seems right to try and time your attacks perfect when you play Devil Ninja 2, you may not necessarily have to follow the “rules” to get the best score possible. I find that the most efficient way to wipe out the enemies is to repeatedly tap the attack button whenever you get near to your enemies. This essentially creates a “force field” of deadly steel in front of your character; how can monsters hurt you if they can’t touch you? Just remember to jump over those spikes and pits!

Devil Ninja 2 Review

Before I jump into the good points of Devil Ninja 2, let me point out the only downside to this game that I’ve experienced: the simplicity of the game. Even though I label the simplicity of  Devil Ninja 2 as a limiting factor to the experience and a downside, it’s also what makes Devil Ninja 2 the amazing mobile game that it is. I feel that Devil Ninja 2 is limited because you pretty much do the same thing over and over again for a long time, but I have to realize that I’m simply loving Devil Ninja 2 so much that I wish there was more content! In essence, this probably isn’t a downside, but rather a feature of the Devil Ninja 2 that makes the game incredibly addictive at first.  


Now for the good points of Devil Ninja 2. If I had to choose one genre of mobile game to play for the rest of my life, I’d definitely choose action/adventure games. Because of this, Devil Ninja 2 pleases me in so many different ways, and I’ve really been enjoying playing Devil Ninja 2 over and over again. In my opinion, one of the biggest draws to Devil Ninja 2 is the sheer amount of chaotic activity on the screen. You have fireballs flying all over the place, werewolves tromping about, demons or gargoyles cutting through the sky, and you’re cutting through it all with your sword and a belt full of shuriken-like darts. There’s something gratifying about picking up the energy balls from your fallen enemies, and the often-frantic challenge of defeating massive bosses can be such a thrill! The spike barricades and pits keep you on your toes and add an extra layer of complexity to Devil Ninja 2, and the special abilities add an incredibly satisfying feeling of power to your character. On top of the awesome gameplay, Devil Ninja 2 is completely free-to-play; there aren’t any IAP required to purchase extra powers from the store! I’m really loving Devil Ninja 2 so far, and I think it’s going to stay on my device until I can reach the final boss (if there’s even a “final” anything in Devil Ninja 2).



Artwork– The artwork in Devil Ninja 2 isn’t exactly a modern wonder, but was rather made to resemble the pixelated style of early video games, such as those found in Metal Slug and other related arcade games. I find the artwork to be very pleasing, and it does a good job of conveying the mood of being in an underworld or haunted forest of some type. My only complaint is the fact that the numbers in your HUD are hard to discern sometimes because of the low definition.

Artwork receives a rating of 9/10.

Music/SFX– The music is suspenseful and adds to the energy of the frantic gameplay in Devil Ninja 2. The SFX become slightly obnoxious over time because of the lack of variety and repetitive noises, however.

Music/SFX receives a rating of 7/10.

Story/Originality– Devil Ninja 2 doesn’t have a story or plot of any kind. The originality in Devil Ninja 2 is somewhat lacking in terms of weapons and combat mechanics, but the supers, powerups, and monsters are definitely unique.

Story/Originality receives a rating of 6/10.

General Gameplay– You can’t go wrong with Devil Ninja 2 if you’re a fan of action games! From waiting at the subway station to killing time in a waiting room, Devil Ninja 2 is a game well suited for pick-up-and-play gaming. The only downside is the repetitive nature of the gameplay.

General Gameplay receives a rating of 7.5/10.

Addictiveness– Devil Ninja 2 is insanely addictive at first, but after a while the addictiveness wears off. Part of this is due to the fact that the game is almost exactly the same every time you play it, and it’s  very difficult to make any significant progress towards the final boss.

Addictiveness receives a rating of 7/10.

Devil Ninja 2 deserves an overall rating of 7.5/10.