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Digital Wellbeing Officially Launches on Android

Nov 27, 2018

Digital Wellbeing is a new app that is available for Android and it has finally been released to Google Play Store. This new app first appeared as a beta within the past few weeks, but the stable release is here and definitely something to try out.

Digital Wellbeing is an app that allows you to see your time spent on your Android device. It does things such as track your screen time and offer you suggestions on time limitations for apps. Read on to learn more about Digital Wellbeing and what this new Android app has to offer.

Device Usage App Digital Wellbeing Hits Android

You will find that Digital Wellbeing is on version 1.0 on Google Play Store. This app just launched a couple days ago, although there has been beta testing for a few months now. The main premise of the app is to show you how much time you are spending on your Android device. It will offer you suggestions on how much time you should spend in apps.

If you were testing out Android Pie back in August, then you likely tested out some of the features of Digital Wellbeing. This app is now available for Android One devices as ell as Google Pixel smartphones. If you watched the Google I/O this year, then you know that Google is rolling out Digital Wellbeing as a company-wide initiative.

Google Calendar and YouTube has the service and it also rolled out to Google Home. There is only version 1.0 available of this app right now, since it is a newly-launched Android app. Even though it is still on the initial version release, there are quite a few features offered to you.

Digital Wellbeing Offers You The Chance to Restrict Your Screen Time on Android

You likely know that many people have an unhealthy obsession with their smartphone or other electronic device. We spend way too many hours looking at our screens each day, which causes a lot of health issues for us. Google hopes that Digital Wellbeing will help people when it comes to restricting their screen time and setting timers for apps.

You will be able to see how long you spend in certain apps using the Screen Time function. There is also the ability to see how many notifications you are getting throughout the day. You also will be able to see how many times you have unlocked your phone each day.

Digital Wellbeing also allows you to set app timers, which can restrict how long you are inside of each app. These timers can be set for each app, such as you can limit Facebook to 30 minutes a day if you want. There is also a Wind Down feature, which is great for limiting your device right before you go to bed.

If you use Wind Down, you will notice it is very similar to Do Not Disturb, and it limits your notifications. You can also choose to make your screen Grayscale or black and white. If you are on the Pixel 3, you will be able to flip your phone automatically so that Do Not Disturb is automatically enabled when the screen is flat.

What Are Your Thoughts on the Digital Wellbeing App?

There are many charts on the Digital Wellbeing app, which allows you to see if you are getting better at your Android screen behavior. The ability to change app timers will allow you to make progress at limiting your screen time and having a more healthy relationship with your Android device.

You will also find that the beta label was removed from the new official release of the app. The back button was improved in between the beta release and the official release, so check that out if you were someone who tried out the beta version of the app.

We want to know what you think of the Digital Wellbeing app in the comments below. Do you think that making an app like this is good for Google to do? Are you someone who has an unhealthy relationship with your Android device or are you barely on your smartphone? What apps do you find yourself spending the most time in and are you unhappy with the time spent in those apps? Tell us in the comments below if you think Digital Wellbeing could help you manage your screen time on Android better.