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Direct Audio App Lets You Hear Television Sound Through Your Phone

Sep 29, 2015

There is a new app called Direct Audio that is letting you connect a television to your smartphone so that you can hear the sounds even when you are in a busy sports bar or restaurant. We have all been there when we are sitting at a sports bar trying to watch the National Football League games but due to the noise of being in a sports bar, end up not being able to hear the television.

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Now at home, you could just turn up the volume on your television, but when you are out at a sports bar or busy restaurant you cannot do this, and it makes it hard to pay attention to the screen when you are trying to read the lips of the people on the television. This app, which comes from a Sanford-based software development firm and a tech firm in Lake Mary, both in Florida, will solve this problem. Direct Audio will allow you to watch the television and hear the sounds through your own smartphone by connecting to it via a wireless internet connection.

You have probably noticed how many televisions are setup in the sports bars, and this app will let you choose which television you would like to connect to over Wi-Fi and then send the sounds straight to your device for easy listening. According to CEO of Direct Audio, Jerrold Primus, there have already been over 1,000 downloads of the Direct Audio app.

There have been testings at Dewy’s Indoor Gold & Sports Grill, which is in Orlando, Florida, but this has been just beta testings even though the app was launched last year. Primus did say that the app still needs to become a little bit more user-friendly in order for this app to actually make an impact in the marketplace, and StackFrame has offered to help with that aspect.

StackFrame is a company that has offered various innovative and unique technological solutions for businesses throughout the country. StackFrame is coming in to help improve the app a little more, including helping decrease the overall lag time between the television and sounds on your smartphone and will also focus on making the app more crisp in general.

StackFrame will help decrease the lag time on Direct Audio by eliminating the time it takes for the audio to appear on your smartphone after it is on the television, basically making it instantaneous. StackFrame will also be recoding the app in order to make it more user-friendly and to make it easier for people to identify the television that they would like to connect to over Wi-Fi.

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If you have been out to a lot of sports bars over the past couple of years, you probably have seen the small portable speakers that sit on the tables, which is supposed to be a better alternative to hearing the sounds on the television by providing you with your own little sound device.

While this sounds like a good idea in theory, it is quite an expensive undertaking if you put one or two of those small speakers on each table in the restaurant or bar. There is also the issue that there is not a simple way to change what you are listening to because the speakers are often only capable of hooking up to one or two of the televisions. Primus said that because of the price of the small speakers and the fact it is not easy to change the sounds to another television, it would not be effective to use something like this at every sports bar or restaurant, and that is where the Direct Audio app comes in.

Not only will you be able to listen to the television right on your smartphone, you also have the ability to customize what you are listening to and you can change the television at any time you want. For example, if you are at a sports bar and there is a football game on the television, but it’s not a team you are interested in, you can decide to change the Direct Audio connection to either another sports game or another show in general.

Whatever is on the screens in the sports bars or restaurants are going to be able to go straight to your phone just by going in and changing which television the app is connecting to. While it seems like this might be a hard feat, as long as there is an internet connection that can be tapped into, your smartphone will be able to change between the screens and let you hear what you want, which will keep you engaged longer, and will keep you coming back every week to watch your favorite sports games.