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DirecTV Now App Launches on Android

Dec 1, 2016

Good news for those who have signed up for the new TV service DirecTV Now, as the app has finally launched on Google Play. This new web-based television service is part of ATT and DirecTV getting into the cord-cutting phenomena, and is good news for Android users looking for another premium television service.

DirecTV Android App Now Available

The DirecTV app for Android, DirecTV Now, will run on devices that are Android 4.4 or higher, and this app is free to download from Google Play. The DirecTV app will work with both Android tablets and Android smartphones, although it is not compatible with Android TV right now. You also will be able to stream all videos through Chromecast which is nice if you want to watch the videos on a bigger screen instead of your smaller tablet or Android phone.


You do not have to subscribe to either AT&T or standard DirecTV satellite services in order to purchase the new cord-cutting premium television services. You can purchase DirecTV Now and get 60 channels for only $35 and 80 channels is only $50 a month. If you want higher services you can get 100 channels for $60 per month and 120 channels for only $70. You will also be able to get regional and local sports, but these items are only offered in a few different areas as of right now. There are also many channels that offer on-demand services as well, but there is no cloud DVR. You also can get the cheaper subscriptions which are for AMC and Comedy Central, although you will not get channels like NFL Network or CBS.

If you would like Cinemax or HBO, you can get these channels as well, but it will cost you $5 more for each one per month. This is a good way to finally cut the cord on cable and just get the types of channels you want. The really good part about DirecTV Now is that you can run this on your Android device and not have to worry about hitting any data caps if you run off Wi-Fi or other internet. You also will be able to get all of the sports and entertainment that you want without having to worry about being in front of your television to watch them since you can watch while on the go via your Android tablet or smartphone.

One good thing for Android customers is that if you have AT&T then you can watch DireTV Now without it taking up your data, and you will not be charged extra which is nice. When it comes to the Android app itself right now the response is a little mixed. Some people have left reviews on Google Play saying the app has been working great, but others are complaining saying that the Chromecast functionality is not working right. There are also complaints of the app not launching properly and the streaming quality being not very good. These are all typical issues and glitches that can happen with a new app launch, so just know that there could be some hiccups for a few weeks if you download DirecTV Now.