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Dirt Rally: The review

Apr 11, 2016

Dirt Rally: The review: Guyz, get ready to enter in a more punishing nature. For your every move and moment of race you need to have your senses to be very strong otherwise you may fatal if you even have a momentary lapse in your concentration.Dirt Rally Review

Dirt Rally Game Review

This time there will be no unforgiving like some of the other games but crashing effects of the race are bad enough so do pay attention. The game will reward your incompetence with a trophy if for the first time you will do crash and burn.

As you are in a contemporary racer there will be no festival like atmosphere, failure cannot be prevented and there will be a welcome by absence of annoying licensed music. When you access the career mode for the first time the stripped down approach is the most evident.

For a host of minutes before starting your race you will be given advice for your crew that you should invest in a good engineer.

If you like Forza and Need for Speed, then you will get steep learning curve in your racing. As in these games you are guided by a mini-map but you won’t find any such indicator in this game. Rather you would hear what your co-driver says, as they call out about the environmental hazards you need to be aware and the directions.

In this game you will find a over 70 stages of uncompromising racing, championship, custom events as well as online play and variety of realistic tracks which will range from desert rallies to the snowy paths and each of this demands the different kind of approach, upgrades and vehicles.

Today we are blessed with abundance of fantastic and realistic racing games but this is definitely the best in the bunch.


  • It will reward your racing
  • Looks very good


  • Very steep learning curve
  • Sparse gameplay modes and tutorial