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Distribution of Custom Enterprise Apps Getting Easier on Android

Jan 14, 2017

Good news if you have an Android device as Google is updating the mobile management features. These new changes will allow enterprises to distribute apps through the Google Play store easier if they were internally developed.

New Custom Apps Distribution Features on Google Play

Google has updated quite a few features that now will allow enterprises to distribute internally developed apps much easier. These new changes allow for enterprises to develop and distribute the custom Android apps for their employees much easier. There is now also a Private Channel feature on Google Play. This Private Channel feature will allow the app administrators to host the Android applications internally, and also control the access of these apps to specific people or groups.

If you are one of the groups that setup the Private Channel feature, you will also get other benefits that might be useful to your enterprise. These other benefits on Google Play that you will notice include virus detection, malware detection, and also user authentication. All of these new updates to Google Play will be hitting Google Play on January 31. All of these updates are basically there to help enterprises distribute these internal apps much quicker and easier on Google Play. It also makes the apps a lot more accessible to the end users, which is a good thing for an enterprise.

You will notice the spot where the private apps are currently at on Google Play will change to the “Work Apps” area of Google Play. This makes it easier for the end users to find. There will also be both public apps and private apps in this area that organizations could manage using the enterprise management suite. What Google wants to do is make the “Work Apps” section of Google Play the only place where enterprises will go for all of the apps they need to run their business. The end users will also have access to all of the apps they need as well, so that employees will be able to find everything they need for their company in one place.

If you are an organization that has not used the Private Channel feature on Google Play before, you will need to enroll with the enterprise mobility management tools before you can begin. Google also has technology for mobile management that you will need to enroll into before you can begin using these new Google Play Store features.

Another part of this update will also help combine all of the settings and controls that are used for the public and private apps within the Private Channel area. Consolidating all of these controls will help the enterprise administrators create various whitelists. Google has been making these types of updates to the enterprise mobility management services for the past year and a half, so these new updates should not be that surprising to those who are enrolled in the enterprise mobility management services.

If you have never dealt with the Private Channel before, it is a section of Google Play where you can only distribute the internally developed apps for Android for enterprise applications.  You cannot use this to distribute apps that are running on other platforms outside of Android. Enterprises also cannot use the Private Channel to distribute commercial applications as well. The enterprise can though charge for the various applications that are going to the Private Channel, which is just like how the commercial applications work.

These are just the latest changes that are coming to the enterprise mobility management tools and services. There have been plenty of changes within the past 18 months, with Google looking to make it easier for enterprises to get all of their apps needed for their company on their Android devices. If you are part of a company and have not enrolled in the enterprise section of Google Play, it really is a good idea because it allows you to setup, control, and manage the apps that are being downloaded by your employees through the enterprise.

You can expect all of the changes we have listed to be available in a couple weeks on January 31. There are likely more changes that will be coming to Google Play in terms of the enterprise section in the coming months, so stay tuned for more updates that are certainly coming.

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