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Don’t Escape Trilogy Launches on Steam

Aug 1, 2019

If you have a Steam account, you might be excited to learn about a new point-and-click game that is available on the Steam Store this week. The new game is called Don’t Escape Trilogy and this set is based off of the web series that was called Don’t Escape. We have all of the latest details about the Don’t Escape Trilogy set that’s available right now on Steam so continue reading to learn more.

Don’t Escape Trilogy Lands on Steam & It’s on Sale

The Don’t Escape Trilogy has landed on Steam this week and it’s on sale for a limited time. This game isn’t that expensive to begin with, so you won’t be getting a huge discount. The game will be $4.49 for this week only since it’s a launch week sale. After this week the game will be $4.99 which is still not a bad deal for the Don’t Escape Trilogy. If you purchased Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive before, then you will also get 15 percent off the game set.

This is a game that’s known as a point-and-click game, there are many adventures in the game that are part of the trilogy set. When you play the first part, you will be trying to get into a cabin in order to try to avoid a curse. This goes into the science-fiction genre as you progress in the game.

If you have followed the web series, then you likely know the different aspects of the game. We definitely think it’s a good idea to check out the original web series and then play the game. It appears that they do tie into one another pretty well.

What the Don’t Escape Trilogy on Steam is All About

Speaking of progressing in the game, you will also notice that zombies are present. You don’t see those zombies until the second section of the story. Your friend was bitten by a zombie so you are trying to help him while at the same time trying to defend yourself. In the third section of the game, you will be going into space. You won’t remember anything from the past, but you will find that there’s a dark secret in your past that you unlock by exploring.

Armor Games Studios is publishing the Don’t Escape Trilogy on Steam and it’s all from the developer Scriptwelder. You might’ve heard about the developer before as it was responsible for releasing Don’t Escape: 4 Days to Survive. The developer had a lot of feedback from people who were eager and hopeful that the original series would hit Steam at some point. Now, that’s going to be a possibility and there’s a lot of excitement over this.

How to Get Don’t Escape Trilogy

If you would like to try out the original series on Steam, all you have to do is purchase the Don’t Escape Trilogy set on Steam. As we mentioned above, the game is going to be on sale this week through Steam. Even if you don’t catch the sale, the game will only be $4.99 which is really reasonable for an entire trilogy game set. You can head to the Steam Store right now to pick up the game if this sounds like something you’re interested in playing.

Once you have tried out the Don’t Escape Trilogy on Steam, we want to hear from you on what you think about it. Does this Steam game jive with the original web series or are there differences between that and this game?

What about the game do you really like and what are some things you don’t like about it? Do you think that this game is something you will play for a long time or is it just a here and there pick up game for when you’re bored? Are you tired of games that use zombies or do you think the zombie genre is still fun to play? Tell us your thoughts and overall opinions of the game in the comments below.