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Doom & Doom 2 iOS Update Brings 60FPS Support & Add-On Support

Jan 14, 2020

There was an update to both Doom and Doom 2 on iOS that was released this week. One of the biggest changes is that both Doom and Doom 2 will now be able to run at 60FPS. This is a huge change from the original 35FPS. Add-on support was also included in this update and we have all of the latest details about both Doom and Doom 2 below.

Doom & Doom 2 on iOS Now Supports Add-On Content

There isn’t much to say about the iOS games now supporting 60FPS, so we wanted to spend more time talking about the add-on content support. The support for add-ons applies to both Doom and Doom 2 and is available right now with the latest update. Bethesda announced this news through the patch notes and it’s going to be great for Doom players.

The new add-on support for both Doom and Doom 2 for iOS is going to support both unofficial content and official content. That’s really cool because a lot of the time only official content is supported by game developers, but Bethesda is choosing to also support the unofficial content. If you don’t know what add-ons are, they are the free content that has been released over the last 25-years. Add-on support will extend to all platforms and refers to both community-created content and professionally-made content.

How to Run Add-Ons in Doom & Doom 2

If you want to run the add-ons in Doom and Doom 2, you’ll first need to head to the Bethesda website. From there, you will see the Add-On option and you can click that to browse through all of the available add-ons. There are quite a few add-ons so it may take you a little while to view them all and select the ones you want.

Once you’ve found the add-on you would like to have in the game, just click “Toggle Activation” to enable it. Going back to the main menu will show you that you’re now playing the game with those add-ons. Bethesda said it will continue to add even more content which will be a mix of both Doom and Doom 2. There will also be megawads and community episodes that will be part of the add-ons and this is all part of the original Doom.

Other Added Features & Content Part of Doom & Doom 2 iOS Update

You’ll also notice other features have been included in the Doom and Doom 2 update for iOS. Those include a new aspect ratio option that will allow the screen to go to the 4:3 ratio, which was how the game was intended. There is also a quick save and load option in the game and you can start that by pausing the game.

Once the game has paused, just press RB/R1/R at the same time to save immediately. You can use the same buttons to then unpause the game and it’s also easy to load up the quicksave too. If you want to load your quicksave, just click LB/L1/L at the same time.

Other changes in this update for iOS includes a new quick weapon select option which can be accessed using the directional pad. This allows you to quickly change from one weapon to another with ease. Beyond that, there’s also a new level select option. You can choose any difficulty, map, or episode you want without needing to clear the level previous first.

A weapon carousel was also added and you can find this by pressing either next weapon or previous and the gun will be swapped out immediately. New level brightness and overall brightness is also included, as well as an SFX random pitch toggle. Lastly, a new split-screen HUD is available and it will remove the bottom bar to display the game better.

Are You Excited for All of the Doom & Doom 2 Additions?

You can find all this and more in the new Doom and Doom 2 updates, which are both live in the Apple App Store. Each version of Doom will cost you $4.99 but all of the add-ons and content is free, so it’s really a good deal. Once you’ve tried out the new update, we want to know what you think about it in the comments below.

Are you excited for all of the official and unofficial content that will finally be available in both Doom and Doom 2 as part of the add-on support? Which Doom game do you like to play the most? What other features or additions would you like to see in Doom or Doom 2 for iOS?