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Doom Game on PS4, Xbox One, PC Review

Apr 18, 2016

Doom Game on PS4, Xbox One, PC Review: While somehow we managed to spend a quality time with Xbox and PS4 that one closed beta that builds of Doom in the last week. This week the Open beta for the game has allowed us to take a close look at the PC version of the latest instalment in the seminal first person shooter series. So here is some information that you must need to know:Doom Game

Doom Game on PS4, Xbox One, PC Review

1. It looks quite sharp when compared to the PS4 and Xbox One versions:

On the PC version we were not exactly pleased with the id Software’s decision to lock us out of game’s advanced graphic settings but yes it still looks a lot sharper than its console counterpart. On the game’s anti-aliasing options, we have chalk it down. But in spite of this there was a very little difference between the versions of the game. Textures appear took a little longer to load so be in the weapon equipped or be in the environments. There was also a brief second or two of the muddy, and blurry textures made the game briefly appear to be lower than the console graphical fidelity but it was eventually loaded before the higher quality version. The overall experience was decent and the game was looking good. From viscera and blood that was cluttered our vision over the hulking Revenant demon. And when we were with the settings we had a cleaner visual.Doom Game Review

2. Not too many options for now, the game has some amazing specs as follows below:

  • Anti- aliasing
  • Chromatic aberration
  • Options for resolution
  • Field of view

Our testing machine figure out the following materials:

  • An i5 3470 processor of 3.2 Ghz
  • 16 GB of RAM
  • Nvidia GTX 980Ti
  • A 500GB SSD on Windows 10
  • Asus PB279Q monitor
  • At 3840/2160 pixels there are 35 to 45 frames per second
  • In its busiest sections it will hit a low of 29fps
  • When the action is frantic the resolution will go down to 2560/1440 pixels with a steady of 55 to 60 fps
  • The maximum frame rate was locked at 60fps.

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3. It should hopefully look better

In the PC the id’s lineage is a known fact, but last couple of games are still using the studio’s tech namely known as Wolfenstein. The Old Blood and The New Order and they are maintained across parity platforms. It will be interesting to see that on the PC how the complete release shapes up. While in the open beta the advanced settings are unavailable. It is appearing that in the closed beta some of the series are more hardcore fans managed for their way to unlock. The whole game promises a support for frame rate of 60 fps all its way up to 144 fps.Doom Game on Pc

That will be useful to you if you have a monitor that supports the high frame rates. Whereas the other options include the Directional Occlusion Quality and a usual suspect like:

  • Shadow Quality
  • Particles Quality
  • Texture Quality
  • Effects Quality
  • Post Process Quality

All these game might be a better looking games.

4. The controls need work

Although you can play this Doom game on the PC with a controller but using the mouse and the keyboard is more preferred way to play. But it does not feel quite good. It seemed to be a bit of input lag between the actually seeing the effect and firing a weapon on the screen. The aiming is not as much smooth either. On the PC if you are expecting from a first person shooter then this game will lacked the sense of precision that you want. Do remember this is the beta and not a final game but unresponsiveness puts a dampener on your experience. We are hoping that this will be fixed by the retail release.

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5. Will you be playing it after the first two weeks?

If you observe last few big first person shooters that have hit the digital and physical shelves then you will definitely notice a trend of sorts. The component of multiplayer tend have a longer lifespan on Xbox and PS4. Despite of being able to connect and find to a game seamlessly in Doom and have a low latency like a LAN like experience. After the single player campaign about the long term viability of the game on PC we are little worried about.