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DoorDash Adds Group Orders in Android App Update

Oct 1, 2017

You might have heard about DoorDash before as it is one of the biggest food delivery services available today. We have good news for you if you use the DoorDash app on Android. The Android app was just updated to add group orders. The new group orders option is going to be great for those who use DoorDash in a work setting. When ordering for work, most people want something different. We have all of the latest news about the DoorDash Android update, including how the group orders function works.

DoorDash Android App Adds Group Orders

DoorDash will allow you to now place group orders inside of the Android app. For people who are at work or have big families, the new group order feature is going to be a very good addition to the app. DoorDash previously had the group orders feature on the website, so this feature is not 100 percent new. This is the first time though that the group orders feature has been on the Android app. This means that you will be able to coordinate the meals of everyone much quicker and easier than before on your mobile device.

If you would like to try out the new feature, you do not have to fiddle around in the DoorDash app for long. You will be able to get to the group orders feature by simply selecting the restaurant you want. Once you do that, just click the group icon. The group icon will be on the right side of the app on the top. It kind of looks like a plus sign with a couple of body outlines. The cool thing about the new group orders feature in DoorDash is that you can even put a per person price limit on there. This is great if you are doing things like ordering for your work. You can set limits on how much each person is allowed to buy in terms of a price. Once you place the DoorDash order with the group option, everyone will be able to track the order and see the information.

DoorDash Group Order Feature Added on Android

If you are someone who gets delivery, you will love the new DoorDash group order feature. This is true especially if you are at work. You will find that the group order feature also gives you a link once the order is placed. This is the link you will be able to send to everyone in the group so they can track the order as well. With that feature, everyone in your group will be able to see what was ordered, the price, and much more. Setting limits on the money each person can spend is also great, especially if your company is one to look at the money amounts you are spending.

DoorDash said that it becomes the first app to use the group orders on mobile. It also said it was the only mobile app to do the group orders. There are more than 450 cities that are available in DoorDash for the delivery services, which is a fairly big range. Just in those 450 cities where DoorDash is an option, there are more than 40,000 different menus. This means you will be able to find exactly the type of food you want to eat, whether it is Chinese, Indian, Italian, or something different.

Even better, with the app, you can even set various orders as a favorite regardless of location or type of food. If you go back to the restaurant a lot, you can just keep your favorite orders in the app. This is great because you can quickly schedule and order your food whenever you want it. If you would like to try out the DoorDash Android app with the group orders feature, you can download the app right now on Google Play Store.