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DoubleLocker Ransomware Can Change PIN Codes on Android

Oct 14, 2017

A new Android ransomware called DoubleLocker is now hitting Android devices. This new ransomware will actually change the PIN code on your Android device. That means you are completely locked out of your Android device. DoubleLocker is a banking malware that is now becoming more of a problem for those on Android according to ESET. Read on to learn about the DoubleLocker ransomware and how it could impact you.

DoubleLocker Ransomware Targeting Android Devices

The new DoubleLocker ransomware is targeting Android devices. This banking malware is locking people out of their devices by changing the PIN code. In order to get back into your Android device, you are asked to pay a ransom. ESET, a Slovakia-based security firm, found DoubleLocker ransomware this past week. DoubleLocker has a lot of roots in the malware area, so this could turn into a ransom-bankers situation. This is a very specific type of malware that is in two-stages. The first stage is trying to take all of your money from either your bank account or PayPal account. The second stage of this malware is it will request a ransom and lock you out of your Android device.

After the DoubleLocker ransomware has been downloded, it will then ask you to activate various accessibility features. You will typically find DoubleLocker in third-party sites, such a a fake Adobe Flash Player update request. Once the ransomware is downloaded and granted the accessibility services, it will do damage. DoubleLocker will automatically make itself the default Home. That means that every time you try to click on the Home button, DoubleLocker will be activated. From there, your device is automatically locked up again. A lot of people will not realize this is what is happening. The best thing to do in this situation is to stop trying to always hit the Home button. Without using the Home button though, it makes it more impossible to try to do anything or go anywhere on the Android device.

DoubleLocker Ransomware Changes Your PIN

Since the DoubleLocker ransomware is using the accessibility services, the user themselves do not know the risk. The user does not know hitting the home button is basically activating the ransomware over again. The PIN is changed and then you cannot get into your Android device at all. The hacker will end up resetting the number and you will be able to get back in if you pay the ransom. When it comes to paying the ransom though, it often times can be hundreds of dollars. That typically is the only way to get your Android device back. You have to factory reset in order to get rid of the ransomware. For a lot of people, they do not want to do this because factory reset means you will lose all of your files.

The only way to really stop DoubleLocker is to protect yourself from getting this ransomware in the first place. We say that but we understand it is something easier said than done. Sometimes you end up with ransomware or other malware even if you are doing every thing right. You should never open any files that you do not know or recognize. You also should install Android update as soon as they are available, which can fix vulnerabilities. Another thing you should do is never install any apps from the third-party app stores. When it comes to another way you can protect yourself, installing anti-virus software can also prevent DoubleLocker. Anti-virus software can also stop other types of malware from getting onto your Android device. Since about 1.3 billion people own Android devices, they are going to always be the most targeted for ransomware.